Minorarc, the brainchild of Melbourne-based musician Ivan Bullock, is a project steeped in the depths of experimental and dark electronic music. Active since 2000, Ivan’s journey through various musical landscapes has culminated in Minorarc, a project known for its evocative exploration of urban decay and despair. From classical training to a significant stint in Tokyo’s vibrant music scene, Ivan’s eclectic influences have shaped Minorarc’s distinctive sound. His work under this moniker includes notable releases such as the debut album in 2010 and subsequent projects like “Involution” and “Untold”. Today, Ivan continues to push the boundaries of his musical expression, preparing for live performances and engaging deeply with Melbourne’s underground music community.


Inclusions” is a musical creation by Minorarc that skillfully mixes modern metal and djent, along with classical elements to produce a deep and emotional musical landscape. Dropped on September 1st, 2023, this instrumental album exemplifies Ivan Bullock’s skill in creating music that connects on various levels. Right from the first track, listeners are immersed in a realm of eerie sound, which is harmoniously complemented by the comforting presence of orchestral pads and the graceful notes of a classical guitar.

The seven songs on the album blend effortlessly, with each track adding to the previous one to form a coherent and engaging storyline. Ivan’s musical style is defined by the classical piano, which introduces depth and sophistication, its rich tones creating a beautiful contrast with the intense, occasionally harsh aspects of metal and djent. One notable aspect of “Inclusions” is its capability to express feelings without relying on words. Every song is like a voyage, with peaks and valleys that mirror the ups and downs of life. The orchestral components create a feeling of grandeur and magnitude, giving the listener a sense of being connected to a bigger entity.

Inclusions Album Track List:

A Drizzle’s Vagrant I:
The first song on Minorarc’s new album “Inclusions,” titled “A Drizzle’s Vagrant I,” sets the mood that carries throughout the entire album. The song starts with a two-tiered piano tune, with a delicate and gentle melody over a denser, more reverberant one. This complex layering captivates the listener right away, establishing an emotive and engaging soundscape that foreshadows the emotional richness ahead.
As the song develops, the gentle classical piano tune rapidly unfolds and becomes the main focus. The intricate beauty of the delicate, tingling notes captures the listener’s attention, sparking a feeling of anticipation and wonder. This harmonic sequence demonstrates Ivan Bullock’s skill in creating songs that are complex technically and emotionally moving, serving as a great starting point for the album’s main ideas.
Towards the end of the song, a looming sound starts to intertwine with the piano tune, giving the composition a eerie, almost ghostly atmosphere. The way the haunting sound and piano melody interact is skillfully done, generating a dynamic tension that captivates the listener. The combination of these components turns “A Drizzle’s Vagrant I” into a mesmerizing instrumental composition, capturing the eerie and evocative characteristics of Minorarc’s “Inclusions”.

Three Times:
The fourth track “Three Times” on Minorarc’s album “Inclusions” is a captivating illustration of dynamic instrumental music. Starting with a gradual sound that unravels, the song slowly builds momentum, drawing listeners in with its complex web. Clocking in at over seven minutes, it encapsulates the core of instrumental music through its changing sounds and intricate composition. The slow progression prepares for an adventure that is just as exciting as it is unpredictable.
During its duration of 7 minutes and 26 seconds, “Three Times” demonstrates Minorarc’s knack for blending various elements together smoothly, maintaining the overall flow. The ever-changing soundscape of the track showcases its dynamic qualities, providing a one-of-a-kind and exciting listening experience. It manages to sidestep being restricted to just one rhythm or flow, smoothly transitioning from one musical concept to another. This flexibility keeps the audience engaged, excited to see in what unexpected direction the music will go next.
Three Times” stands out for its tendency to never allow listeners to become too relaxed. As one begins to recognize a specific melody or rhythm, the song suddenly shifts into something completely different. The surprise element brings excitement and mystery, elevating “Three Times” as a standout track on “Inclusions”. Minorarc’s skill in creating mesmerizing instrumental music is evidenced by their talent to continuously change and grow while maintaining coherence.


The sixth track on Minorarc’s album “Inclusions,” titled “Triclinic,” starts off with a mellow, enchanting tune that gradually merges with a more intense, dense beat. This dual nature establishes the background for the track, achieving a harmonious equilibrium between the delicate, airy sounds and the solid, strong beat. The precision with which these elements are unfolded immediately captivates the listener in its intricate sonic landscape.
At 38 seconds, a beat with a structured flow blends with the melody and rhythm, adding a grounded feel to the track and boosting its dynamic quality. Shortly after, at the 55-second mark, a tingling melody emerges, merging seamlessly with the grounding beat. This contrast between the delicate melody and the steady beat adds depth to the composition, creating a layered listening experience that captivates the audience.
As the track progresses to the 2:10 mark, “Triclinic” becomes more pulsating, with the beat growing more vibrant and an accompanying unsettling sound enhancing the intensity. This shift adds a new dimension to the track, making it more engaging and dynamic. Spanning 5 minutes and 45 seconds, “Triclinic” is a masterfully crafted piece that maintains its momentum and intrigue throughout, showcasing Minorarc’s ability to blend contrasting elements into a cohesive and compelling musical journey.

A Drizzle’s Vagrant II:
The last song, “A Drizzle’s Vagrant II”, on Minorarc’s album “Inclusions”, provides a heartfelt and appropriate ending to the album. Even though it only lasts for 1 minute and 46 seconds, this song makes a lasting impact by capturing the album’s essence within its brief length. It offers a feeling of completion while still capturing the emotional richness and intricacy that define the whole album.
The song starts with an enchanting piano tune that captures the listener’s attention right away. This gentle yet powerful melody forms an immersive soundscape that strikes a chord within. The piano’s emotive sounds bring a feeling of closure, suggesting the end of the album’s musical voyage for the listeners. Minorarc’s expertise lies in creating music that expertly combines fragility and strength, showcasing a perfect balance of intricacy and emotional impact in the melody.
A Drizzle’s Vagrant II” serves as a fitting final track, with its captivating melody effectively concluding the album. The track is short but leaves a strong impression on listeners, giving them a feeling of fulfillment and contentment. As the final notes diminish, the emotional and musical voyage of “Inclusions” ends on a reflective and impactful note, showcasing Ivan Bullock’s talent in crafting a unified and meaningful musical journey.

The careful focus on details is clear in the skillful workmanship of “Inclusions”. The production quality is excellent, enabling every instrument to stand out while also keeping a harmonious equilibrium. The impressive feat becomes even more notable considering the wide variety of influences and the intricate compositions on the album. Ivan Bullock’s passion and commitment to his art shine through on every track of the album. “Inclusions” not only highlights his technical skill but also his talent in evoking deep emotional reactions through music. It is an engaging set that keeps the audience interested throughout, making a lasting impact on listeners.

For individuals who are acquainted with Minorarc’s past creations, “Inclusions” is a logical advancement, building upon the same themes and styles that have characterized the project. For those who are new to his music, it provides a great way to get to know Ivan Bullock’s distinct musical perspective. This album goes beyond simply being listened to; it’s a chance to delve into the world of independent art and the underground music scene in Australia. “Inclusions” is out now, and is essential for those intrigued by instrumental music that defies genre and expectations.

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