A new song by London-based singer Arin marked his return


Arin, a London-based singer-songwriter, made a comeback on December 7, 2022, with the release of his brand-new track, “Loving is Wasted,” his first effort since the release of “Therapy” in September. Jeremy Zucker, Holly Humberstone, and Conan Grey are his main influences. Arin made an appearance on the BBC’s interview introductions. Arin’s potential is highlighted in the song “Loving is Wasted.”

“Loving is Wasted” was inspired by the concept of love triangles that never matched as well as the fact that the person you fall for has feelings for someone else and things never match up. His vocals are laid softly over the sparse instrumentals on the single, which is a very laid-back affair. It’s a very synth-driven track with a lot of atmospheres added on top, and I’m hooked on the simple drums and keyboards. It’s a lovely dream-pop song in a nutshell. He recorded it in his home studio with one of his flatmates after writing it with a close friend named Francesca Morris.

When the chorus comes in, the tempo quickens, but we realize Arin has found his style. The song’s overall sound is enhanced by its ethereality at times, and the inclusion of a few 80s synthesizers in the song’s later half, in my opinion, puts the finishing touches on it.

The song is currently available on his Spotify, so if you’re reading this, go check it out on Spotify

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