The Road

Four siblings from Birmingham who play in the Irish pop and rock group Us4 include Aine (lead vocals, tin whistle, and accordion), Brendan (guitars), Cormac (drums, percussion, piano, and backing vocals), and Declan (fiddle). Being siblings, Us4 have spent their entire lives playing music together, and their sound and style as a band have evolved over the course of their childhood and adolescence. 

Us4 is the result of a childhood spent being exposed to a wide variety of music, coming from a rich musical background. They blend the hard-rocking rhythms of stadium rock bands with the melodic spirit of traditional Irish folk music to create a distinctive sound that reflects their strong Irish heritage. Us4’s primary influences include U2, The Pogues, The Corrs, The Cranberries, and, more recently, Inhaler.

Us4 is back with a brand-new holiday song called “The Road,” which was released on December 2nd, 2022. This follows the success of their original singles “Tears of a Clown” and “Christmas in Dublin,” as well as their well-received St. Patrick’s Day cover of the Irish classic “The Fields of Athenry.” This emotive song, “The Road,”  sounds sonically different from the plethora of other Christmas songs already out there, and it’s a seasonal indie pop/rock with Us4’s distinctive Irish twist.

The majority of Us4 were still teenagers when “The Road” was written in 2017. The track has evolved since then, much like its authors, retaining the original elements and ideas while adopting a bold and striking attitude.

The band recorded “The Road” entirely by themselves in the small music room of their family home. Brendan Healy, the band’s guitarist, produced and mixed it, and Cormac Healy, the drummer, contributed additional production. U2 and The Killers are listed in the track’s credits after Pete Maher finished mastering it.

“The Road” considers the melancholy and loneliness that come as the year draws to a close, the yearning for change that this brings, as well as the whispers of hope that comes as Christmas and the New Year approaches. With its variety of emotions, the Christmas season has always inspired the band’s musical imagination. The rhythm of the year speaks to something deeper in each of us: the acceptance of the fact that being human means experiencing both joy and sorrow, separation and reunion, and the desire to get up and dance while also needing those times to simply sit around while waiting for a dream. 

My favorite part in “The Road” is the bridge; I got chills when the choirs came in at 2.25 minutes into the song.

Us4 can express their true, unadulterated emotions through their music. Their distinctive musical compositions, which are reminiscent of Irish folk music, further their artistic perspective.

I heartily recommend this lovely musical experience to everyone.

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