Newcastle-based Award-winning artist Amy vee presents- The Pilot

Amy Vee Original Single THE PILOT

Award-winning musician Amy Vee, who is based in Newcastle, Australia, creates music that both disturbs and calms the soul. Her songs’ poetic lyrics strike a chord with listeners who are looking for effort and connection, as well as those who are trying to escape. Vee has released two LPs, an EP, and seven singles since 2010.

Vee’s 2019 sophomore solo album “Same Skin” was hailed as her most musically developed work to date. It marked a sharp departure from the folky ramblings of her 2013 debut, “Fits & Starts,” and it also marked a natural progression from the digital-only singles “Ten Years” (2016) and “Red Desert Heart” (2018), the former gaining Top 20 chart position on iTunes and Triple J Unearthed, and the latter of which was produced as a result of Vee winning the Studios 301 All Access Competition.

Jamie Gilmore
Jamie Gilmore

Vee just revealed that her upcoming album will be the first she’s ever recorded in front of a live audience. On February 16, 2023, she will perform with a 6-piece band at her hometown venue, Lizotte’s Newcastle. The album list will include more recent songs in addition to crowd favorites from her previous albums. On November 13, 2022, Vee also dropped a brand-new song titled “The Pilot.” As of November 25, 2022, it was made available on Spotify.

The song “The Pilot,” a melancholic hymn, is the first sample of new music written by Vee during the pandemic era, which she said was both a blessing and a curse. The “light that never goes out” is referenced in the song’s title. Vee experienced some difficult times over the past couple of years, just like many others in her profession, but she never lost her fire, even if it burned dimly at times. She once began producing a brand-new song each week. So “The Pilot” is a song about re-emergence and resilience in equal measure.

Vee dislikes being subject to the demands of the business world. For her, music is about connection, and it’s challenging to connect with listeners who are sifting through a library of millions of songs. According to her, there are listeners out there who desire an immersive musical experience rather than passive consumption.

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