Bonnie Milne, a Toronto-born songwriter, composer, and music educator, made a splash on the world music scene in 2022 with the release of her critically praised album “Anticipation” and the Top 20 radio airplay charting single “New Beginnings.” Milne received nominations from the International Singer-Songwriters Association for her singular fusion of classical piano, strings, and pop sensibilities. This combination also helped her tracks receive more than 150K Spotify plays. 

Bonnie Milne "Perception"
Bonnie Milne “Perception”

The brand-new single “Perception,” by Bonnie Milne and MTS Records, was released on November 11th, 2022, and is available on all streaming platforms. With notable key changes and melodic transitions, the song is written in Bonnie’s distinctive musical style. Bonnie says that writing “Perception” was therapeutic, and she hopes that her listeners will also feel that way when they hear the song. This incredible track, “Perception,” by Bonnie Milne includes award-winning cellist Kevin Fox and famous violinist Shane Guse.

 Bonnie Milne affirms that she is dedicated to mentoring aspiring musicians from all backgrounds in addition to honing her own skills. She uses her favorite songs for Bonnie Milne as a resource for music instruction and education. To offer comprehensive learning opportunities Bonnie Milne leverages her music expertise for students so they can successfully discover their unique capabilities and grow as an artist

The astounding Toronto-born singer-songwriter and composer maintains that she should be thankful for whatever she has because her life’s occurrences are generally positive, and her new release, “Perception,” serves as a perfect reminder of this belief. Her tune “Perception” has modulations, transitions, and variations in melody and key that musically mimic the changes that occur in life.

Bonnie Milne "Perception"
Bonnie Milne “Perception”

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