“Discover Barleycove’s electrifying new single, “Forget You,” a synth-pop masterpiece inspired by musical giants like Cannons, Tame Impala, Portishead, and Shaed. With Laura Jones’s soul-stirring vocals and impeccable production, this song is a sonic journey you won’t want to miss – it’s the anthem for anyone ready to leave the past behind and embrace empowerment.”

Barleycove, the indie sensation hailing from the scenic Upstate of South Carolina, has been on an inspiring journey since their modest beginnings in 2012. Founded by the talented Laura Jones, whose multifaceted musical talents encompass vocals, guitar, and keys, and complemented by the rhythmic prowess of percussionist Tim Trammell, the band has weathered lineup changes with unwavering determination. Their musical roots are firmly planted in influences like Fleetwood Mac, Damien Rice, Patty Griffin, and Tame Impala, which blend seamlessly to create a genreless sound that’s uniquely their own.

The story of Barleycove began when Tim Trammell and his wife stumbled upon Laura’s captivating performance at a local coffee shop. Inspired by her talent, Tim inquired about joining forces, and the rest, as they say, is history. Their dedication to their craft shines through, as they’ve persisted in the face of adversity, never allowing negative circumstances to stifle their creative spirit. Recently, they recorded their first single at The Orange Room under the guidance of producer Britt Barker of Catch the Rise, unveiling a new direction for their music.

Excitingly, Laura Jones is set to grace the stage at the “Southern Songwriter Festival” in Summerville, SC, in September, adding another chapter to Barleycove’s promising journey. Keep an eye on this genre-defying duo; their musical evolution is bound to leave an indelible mark on the indie scene.

In a world inundated with music from every corner of the globe, it takes something truly special to seize your attention and hold it captive. Barleycove, the emerging synth-pop sensation, has done just that with their latest single, “Forget You.” This captivating track, released on September 13, 2023, is not only a testament to the band’s musical prowess but also a testament to the power of modern synth acts that have inspired them, such as Cannons, Tame Impala, Portishead, and Shaed.

The journey into “Forget You” begins with a soothing instrumental introduction that grabs you by the soul and gently pulls you into its world. It’s like a musical invitation, setting the stage for what’s to come and giving you a taste of the sonic voyage you’re about to embark on. And what a journey it is.

As the music envelops you, Laura Jones, the vocalist of Barleycove, graces us with her emotive vocals. With a voice that seems to echo through the very depths of her soul, she sings, “You are a waste of time, I need you off my mind to forget you.” These words aren’t just lyrics; they are an emotional cascade that pours forth from her heart. Listening to her sing, you can’t help but feel every ounce of the passion and pain she pours into each word.

In the midst of this emotional whirlwind, the percussion kicks in, adding depth and texture to the track. It acts as a backdrop to Laura’s voice, supporting her as she continues to weave her lyrical tapestry. She belts out, “I say time is money, a currency, I give no guarantee.” Her vocals are a powerful conduit for these words, driving home the message of the song with fervor.

But it’s in the chorus where “Forget You” truly shines. The catchy melody and relatable lyrics make it impossible not to sing along. As Laura repeats, “I need to forget,” it’s as if the song becomes a collective anthem for anyone who has ever needed to leave the past behind and move forward.

Around the 2-minute-and-41-second mark, Laura’s vocals momentarily disappear, allowing the instruments to take center stage. It’s a moment of musical transcendence where the music engulfs you, pulling you even deeper into the heart of the song. This is the magic of Barleycove, creating a sonic landscape that invites introspection and immersion.

But what’s the story behind “Forget You”? This song is a reflection of the modern dating world, where we sometimes encounter red flags and realize we need to swiftly move on. It’s an anthem for those who refuse to fall in line and waste time on something that doesn’t serve them. “You’re a waste of time, no need to fall in line to move on from you,” Laura sings. It’s a message of empowerment and self-respect that resonates with us all.

Aside from the compelling composition and emotionally charged lyrics, the production quality of “Forget You” is excellence personified. Recorded in The Orange Room in Greenville, SC, with producer Britt Barker at the helm, the track boasts a polished and crisp sound that highlights every nuance of Barleycove’s musical artistry.

Overall, Barleycove’s “Forget You” stands as a testament to the power of authentic, heartfelt music. It’s a synth-pop gem that not only entertains but also leaves a lasting imprint on your soul. With Laura Jones’s captivating vocals, the infectious chorus, and the impeccable production quality, this song is a must-listen for music enthusiasts of all tastes. So, dive into the enchanting world of Barleycove and let “Forget You” be the soundtrack to your emotional journey.

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