“Dylan Tauber’s ‘Sea People’ album, is a captivating musical journey that explores a spectrum of emotions and showcases Tauber’s artistic versatility. With its blend of electronic, pop, and reflective vibes, this album invites listeners to immerse themselves in the depths of human emotion and the wonders of the natural world.” Dive into the enchanting musical voyage and discover the profound emotions and captivating melodies that await in this musical masterpiece”.

Dylan Tauber
is a multifaceted artist whose journey through the realms of electronic music, cyberart, photography, and literature spans over two and a half decades. Graduating from Columbia University in 1996 marked the beginning of a prolific career that saw him traverse the creative landscapes of New York City, Jerusalem, Miami, a remote South Pacific island, and eventually a kibbutz in northern Israel, where he currently holds the position of Artist-in-Residence. Tauber’s artistic odyssey began with the ambitious Double Mirrors anthology, encompassing a book, photo slide shows, a soundtrack, and one of the internet’s enduring artist websites, DoubleMirrors.com, still active since its launch in 1996. Pioneering the concept of free MP3 downloads in 1998, he continues to evolve the Double Mirrors project, remaining at the forefront of the cyber-spiritual revolution. Over the years, Dylan Tauber has not only released 17 critically acclaimed transcendental electronica albums, most available for free download through his Son of Waves Studios label, but has also built a vast network of 24 websites that showcase his electronic music, music videos, cyberart, writing, and photography, accumulating over 5.5 million page views since 1996 and millions of video views. His music, a unique fusion of electronic, vocal trance, chill-out, and world music, captures the essence of the natural world, technology, and spirituality. Collaborating with 12 vocalists on his musical projects, Tauber’s artistry continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Dylan Tauber’s latest musical venture, the album “Sea People,” is a testament to his lifelong commitment to artistic exploration. Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of a remote island in the South Western Pacific, where he discovered a captivating turquoise lagoon, the album is an enchanting blend of electronic genres, echoing influences from the 90s electronica scene, as well as artists like Enigma and Deep Forest. The music transports listeners on a journey of love and connection, celebrating the profound bond between humanity and the natural world. Dylan Tauber’s work, including this latest release, resonates with the timeless message that “Love is the only thing that exists. Everything else is an illusion,” inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the ethereal realms of his unique musical and artistic vision. With a remarkable career spanning over two and a half decades and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music and cyberart, Dylan Tauber continues to inspire, innovate, and captivate the world with his creative genius.

Released on August 28, 2023, Dylan Tauber’s latest album, “Sea People,” offers a mesmerizing journey through a spectrum of emotions and musical landscapes. With a blend of electronic, pop, and reflective vibes, this album is a testament to Tauber’s artistic versatility and creative prowess. Let’s take a deep dive into the tracks that make “Sea People” an enchanting musical voyage.

Sea People” tracks includes:

1. Swimming (Remix)

2. Sea People

3. I Am Flying

4. The Sea Remembers Its Own

5. Trust the Universe

6. The Horizon

7. My Island

8. Unity

9. Sad Ocean

10. Underwater

11. Swimming

Swimming (Remix)” The album kicks off with this energetic pop-infused track. The upbeat tempo and catchy melody immediately draw listeners in, setting the stage for what’s to come. The vocals enter with lyrics that evoke the sensation of being immersed in a sea of love, riding the waves of emotion. It’s a head-nodding, feel-good anthem that invites you to let loose and embrace the joy of the moment.

Sea People” The title track shifts the mood to a reflective and tranquil ambiance. With a relaxing groove and gentle instrumentals, this song washes over you like a soothing wave. It’s a musical sanctuary that allows you to escape into the depths of your thoughts and emotions, creating a sense of calm and introspection.

I Am Flying“This track takes flight with an ethereal quality. The music soars, creating a sense of weightlessness and freedom. It’s an instrumental journey that invites you to close your eyes and imagine yourself soaring high above the world, unburdened by earthly concerns.

 “The Sea Remembers Its Own” With a title that hints at a deeper connection to the sea, this track continues the album’s exploration of the ocean’s emotional depths. The haunting instrumentals and atmospheric soundscape give this song an almost mystical quality, as if the sea itself is speaking and remembering.

Trust the Universe” This track draws you in with its enchanting aura and instrumental prowess. The added bassline adds a unique depth, grounding the ethereal elements. It’s a reminder to let go, trust in the greater forces at play, and surrender to the cosmic flow of existence.

 As the album progresses, “The Horizon” paints a musical picture of distant vistas and endless possibilities. The melodies stretch out like the vast expanse of the open sea, inviting contemplation and exploration.

My Island” This song begins with a melodic, dreamy piano progression that entices the soul. It’s as if you’re arriving on a secluded island, surrounded by the beauty of nature. The music embraces you like a warm breeze, evoking a sense of serenity and wonder.

Unity” continues to explore the theme of connection, both with oneself and the world around. The music weaves a tapestry of emotions, harmonizing different elements to create a sense of oneness and harmony.

Sad Ocean” True to its name, this track carries a melancholic vibe. The juxtaposition of sounds adds a layer of complexity, much like the ever-changing emotions of the sea. It’s a reminder that even in sadness, beauty and depth can be found.

Underwater” The album’s penultimate track submerges you in a gentle, melodious progression that stands out for its soothing quality. It’s like sinking beneath the surface of the sea, where tranquility reigns and the world above fades away.

Swimming“The album comes full circle with a reprise of “Swimming,” reminding us of the joy of love and the cyclical nature of emotions. It’s a refreshing dip back into the exuberance of the opening track.

In “Sea People,” Dylan Tauber masterfully combines powerful vocals and intricate instrumentals to create a musical tapestry that explores the depths of human emotion and connection to the natural world. His vocals serve as a guide, leading listeners through the complex and evocative landscapes of each song.

The lyrics convey themes of love, trust, unity, and the ebb and flow of emotions, mirroring the ever-changing tides of the sea. Each track tells a unique story and taps into a different facet of the human experience.

The overall impact of “Sea People” is a sense of profound introspection and emotional resonance. It invites listeners to embrace their innermost feelings and connect with the world around them. It’s an album that encourages us to trust in the universe, find unity in diversity, and appreciate the beauty in both joy and sadness.

As you dive into “Sea People,” let the music wash over you like a gentle tide. Close your eyes and let your imagination roam the vast oceanic landscapes Dylan Tauber has crafted. Allow the melodies and lyrics to evoke your own emotions and reflections. The call to action for listeners is simple: let this album be a soundtrack to your own journey of self-discovery and connection with the world.

In conclusion, “Sea People” is a musical masterpiece that immerses you in a world of emotions and melodies. It’s a testament to Dylan Tauber’s artistry and his ability to create music that resonates deeply with the human soul. Dive in, listen, and let the sea of emotions carry you away on a captivating voyage of self-discovery and wonder.

Additionally, consider taking this album with you on your next nature retreat or meditation session to enhance the experience of serenity and introspection.

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