Colin M Potter AKA Blindness and light announced his new single another day, following the release of “Old Town Remix”, so far his previous releases have gained him a good amount of popularity in his area and there is no doubt that ‘another day will definitely win the hearts of many more fans across the globe.

He has expressed some excitement towards his music being compared to some of their highly esteemed musical icons. And described it as being ‘fantastic in itself”.

In an interview, he answers any questions his fans may have about his new release.

What skills would you say you Contributed to the Music?

I played the guitar, sang, and do a bit of programming. It’s how I was created! Sorry, that was too glib. Time was a crucial component that redundancy gave us to make this happen. Although Tony Denmade, my producer, is a vital member of the team, I am the vocalist and songwriter.

What are the primary influences on your Music?

1960s garage, indie, Smiths, Joy Division, Radiohead and NME C86 bands. The band name Blindness & Light was inspired by Joy Division’s initial release of Atmosphere, Licht und Blindheit (Light and Blindness). This was changed to be more uplifting and translated as well. 

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