On October 28, 2022, Kalulu published her most recent music video, “videodisk,” on Youtube which featured Holyoke (Do you still want to be friends). In this song, Kalulu displays jealousy, envy, and synthesis. According to reports, “Videodisk” is the second track on Kalulu’s upcoming Featuring EP, which is scheduled for release in January 2023.

Marinka Stam is a producer, songwriter, and musician who goes by the stage name Kalulu released her first debut album in 2016 titled “Hoax” which explored the potential of a more conventional band setup. as she collaborated with some excellent musicians and producers, including Joost Wesseling, Max Abel, and Sam Jones. The song was favorably appreciated by the Dutch media and incorporates a variety of musical genres. The Kalulu project’s goal is said to discover creative partnerships that will add to the ever-evolving Kalulu brand.

“Coats”, yet another important alternative EDM sounding collaboration between kalulu and producer Max Abel, was released by kalulu in 2019. The track’s blend of Marinka’s soulful, emotive vocals with the heavy electronic beats and ethereal ambience giving the music its distinctive flavor.

It is rumoured that the upcoming and anticipated EP of this intuitive artist, that is scheduled to be released in January 2023 is an indie-pop sound that is cohesive, steady, bold, and melancholy and it will be available in all streaming platforms.

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