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Search Panel: Find Everything You Need

Our website offers a powerful search panel that allows you to easily search for any files and information you need. Whether you’re looking for articles, reviews, or music-related resources, our search panel will quickly provide you with the relevant results. It’s a convenient tool that saves you time and ensures you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Submit Form: Get Your Music Reviewed

Looking for a way to promote your music? Look no further! With our submit form feature, you can submit your music and pay a nominal fee to receive an article and a written review. This is a great opportunity to get valuable feedback on your music and gain exposure. Our submit form automatically sends your submission to our business and personal email, ensuring a prompt response.

Publish Form: Share Your Press Releases and Spotify Links

Want to spread the word about your latest press release or Spotify track? Our publish form feature allows web visitors to submit their press releases or Spotify links for approval. You can choose to publish either the press release or the Spotify link, ensuring your content reaches the right audience. We carefully review all submissions to maintain the quality and relevance of our content.

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