Bradley Denniston releases his New Commercial pop single

“Haunted By You” by Bradley Denniston is a song that explores unrequited love and lingering memories with a humorous approach and upbeat tune. It encourages listeners to understand and move on from past feelings, despite the difficulties and lingering memories that may remain. It’s a relatable and thought-provoking song that will resonate with many listeners”.

Bradley Denniston‘s latest single, “Haunted By You,” was released on November 25, 2022, through his record label, Radium Records. The upbeat track explores the complex emotions of missing a loved one who has ignored you in the past. Despite the difficult subject matter, Denniston manages to turn his grief into wonder through the energy of the song, showcasing his skill in making the best out of a tough situation.

During his initial encounter with his wife, Denniston was immediately smitten by her. He considered her to be an incredible person and was physically attracted to her. However, he couldn’t shake off the feeling that his feelings were not reciprocated, leading him to feel “haunted” by her and unable to stop thinking about her. Overall, he concluded that since it was probably a fairly frequent emotion, he would make a humorous song about it.

The extremely upbeat song “Haunted By You” explores the conflicting feelings of losing someone with whom you have a connection. having a nagging memory of the one time you two experienced something and they completely ignored you.

Bradley Denniston has contributed to works that have received nominations for Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, and Academy Awards. In addition to selling more than a million records worldwide as a producer and engineer, he has completed over $3 million in sync licensing placements. He is now looking to take on the artistic side.

The 80s retro vibe of “Haunted by You” starts off with a few percussion strikes and a retro-styled keyboard, and then the back vocal takes the song on a journey. The clear, echoed vocal and the deep, funky bottom line, give the song even more enchantment. The tune has a magical sense to it because of the keys used throughout. First of all, the song evokes a lot of nostalgia, and it also incorporates modern sounds with all the classic aspects of 80s pop rock. You can’t help but repeat the catchy chorus in your head. This magically upbeat song will undoubtedly make listeners feel better. It makes me think of many different 1980s bands. The instrumentation was fantastic, and the composition was excellent. I will be anticipating Bradley Denniston‘s forthcoming efforts.

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