“Sample No.8” by Kobe Fresh Outta High School is a head-bopping hip-hop trap EP that explores encounters with the phenomenon of love and how it exploits emotions buried beneath the unknowable”.

Kobe Fresh Out of High School, a rapper from Tampa, Florida, is the iconic and sensational “Rental Ridin’,” “Money Pilin’,” dude, and the aesthetic for the top favorite artist of the younger generation, with distinctively fluid melodies and a wide range of style. Kobe is what some may refer to as a well-liked eccentric. His catalog, which includes songs like “Globe,” may be compared to a hanging banner in the homes of teenagers to twenty-somethings. With tunes like “At least I brought my insides with me,” you can’t even control the irrepressible head boppers at festivals. It’s challenging to resist being captivated by what the kid has to offer. Kobe Fresh outta High School is an independent musician who is known for his hit tracks and has played at Art Basel in Miami. He has also served as the opening act for artists like Gunna and Young Thug and has numerous praises from people in his hometown like Doechii, Pusha Preme, and La the Goat.

 Jordan B.
Jordan B.

On December 9, 2022, Kobe Fresh Outta High School released his debut EP, “Sample No. 8.” Eight tracks total make up “Sample No. 8,” which Kobe recorded in Tampa’s Bent String Studio. The EP is full of sharp production that lets him show off his lyrical prowess with bouncy flows and melodious hooks. Kobe Fresh Outta High School debuted with the song “The Grinch” in 2016. His most recent release, “Sample No. 8,” is a mix of emotionally charged and hard-hitting trap tracks with opulent instrumentation, thunderous bass, and stirring vocal performances.

Sample No. 8” is the ideal addition to any commercial rap playlist and a guaranteed rap blockbuster. Kobe Fresh Outta high school created this project to stand for something, He is just one example of the suffering that men see. Today, men’s mental health is stigmatized, and the topic of love is just one in which we are no longer allowed to express ourselves. Kobe Fresh Outta High School delivers a project to change that which is “Sample No. 8”

 Jordan B.
Jordan B.

Sample No. 8” was created with great pain; it explores encounters with the phenomenon of love and how it exploits emotions buried beneath the unknowable. This project incorporates Kobe’s sample so that listeners can connect with it. great album to listen to.

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