“No Lover Lover,” New Single by Jen Ash

With the help of the New Cathartic Single “No Lover Lover,” Jen Ash ends a toxic relationship. 

The most intimate song Jen Ash has ever released is now available. With “No Lover Lover,” Jen tackles a subject that is guaranteed to be relatable to many. 

Are breakups sometimes blessings in disguise? Jen Ash seems to believe so, and for good reason.

Jen Ash
Jen Ash

“No Lover lover really talks about getting out of a toxic relationship and being much better alone. Being ok on your own. Sometimes we hold on to someone who energetically blocks our blessings and we don’t really realize it until this person is gone and suddenly all the doors open for you.”

Jen Ash
Jen Ash

Jen Ash, a former professional basketball player, is a top-5 UK iTunes charting artist. Jen Ash’s last hit, “Crush on You,” catapulted her into the spotlight on a global scale. The catchy tune rocketed into the top 5 R&B singles on UK iTunes and amassed 29k Spotify listens in total. In an interview with Vents Magazine, Jen Ash mentions a few of her admired musicians who have influenced her music, the list contains the likes of, JLo, Amy Winehouse, PJ Morton, Christiana Aguilera, and Neyo.

Jen Ash, born in Lebanon and nurtured in France, boasts a whopping 5000 monthly listeners and more than 100,000 Spotify plays.

No Lover Lover is a fusion of sweet R&B melodies with Afrobeat rhythms. Being able to flow so effortlessly over afro-beat music is extremely astounding, and Jen Ash appears to have discovered the secret. “At first, I was skeptical, but as I continued to listen to “No Lover Lover,” the music led me through a variety of emotions. Now I’m a fan for sure, ~Mr. Trench (afro-beat artist).

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