Bromsen, a dynamic musical force rooted in the vibrant music scene of Berlin, Germany, comprises the artistic synergy of Richard and Karlo Bromsen. Their musical journey spans over two decades, beginning with their collaborative efforts in the mid-2000s as part of the indie rock band “The Pampelmuse.” Despite disbanding in 2006, just on the cusp of a breakthrough, the duo reunited years later to reignite their musical passion and pursue their dreams afresh. Now, Bromsen stands as a testament to resilience and creativity, making a triumphant return to the music scene with a sound that seamlessly blends synth wave elements and guitars.

In the heart of Berlin, the Bromsen brothers craft a distinctive sonic identity that has garnered critical acclaim. Their first four singles, resonating with a punchy wall of sound and raw, soaring vocals, have not only captivated audiences but also earned airplay on indie radio stations across North America, the UK, France, Brazil, and beyond. Bromsen emerges as a musical entity that transcends boundaries, inviting listeners into a realm where the energy of their past collides with the promise of a reinvigorated future.


Bromsen’s latest single, “Someone”, released on January 12th, 2024, serves as a captivating prelude to their upcoming album, “Brothers in Mind,” scheduled for release on February 16, 2024. This track, the fifth installment from the album, unfolds like a musical tapestry, intricately woven with influences from renowned songwriter Luka Bloom’s journey of self-discovery and independence.

The sonic landscape crafted by Bromsen in “Someone” is a testament to their mastery, seamlessly blending the best elements of rock, hard rock, prog, and 80s music. From the first beat, the listener is enveloped in a rhythmic embrace that sets the stage for a multifaceted journey. The opening moments introduce a joyous feeling, with vocals that soar above a rhythmic foundation, creating an infectious energy that invites the audience to groove along.

Around the 1:39-minute mark, the composition takes an unexpected turn, teasing the illusion of a conclusion. The instrumental beat momentarily reduces in energy, and the vocals withdraw, creating a brief moment of anticipation. However, at 1:44, a bass guitar emerges with a rich, textured sound, accompanied by additional elements and instruments that contribute to the song’s layered complexity. This shift in the composition adds a new dimension, showcasing Bromsen’s ability to keep the listener engaged through unexpected twists.

One standout feature of “Someone” unfolds around the 2:49-minute mark, where the song undergoes a transformative shift. The vocals, instrumentals, and beat transition from their energetic, vibrant state into a more tranquil, ethereal melody. This poignant moment towards the closing of the song introduces a new emotional depth, leaving a lingering impact on the listener’s soul as the song gracefully concludes.


Bromsen’s ability to seamlessly navigate these sonic shifts reflects a level of craftsmanship that goes beyond mere musicality. The intricate layering of sounds, from the infectious beats to the rich bass textures, creates a musical tapestry that captivates the senses. It’s not merely a song but a journey – a sonic odyssey that transcends conventional genres, inviting the audience to explore the uncharted territories of Bromsen’s musical universe.

The uplifting message embedded in “Someone” resonates with the listener on a profound level. It encourages individuals to live authentically and boldly, celebrating the essence of individuality. The song becomes a rallying cry for the pursuit of self-realization, echoing the thrill of life’s adventures and championing the courage to be true to oneself. This thematic depth elevates “Someone” beyond a mere musical composition, turning it into a reflection of the human experience.


As “Someone” draws to a close, the listener is left with a sense of fulfillment and introspection. The careful orchestration of elements, the meticulously crafted transitions, and the overarching thematic resonance make this single a masterclass in musical storytelling. It’s not just a glimpse into Bromsen’s upcoming album but a standalone masterpiece that deserves undivided attention. “Someone” beckons music enthusiasts to embark on a profound auditory experience, reminding us that within the realms of sound, Bromsen has forged something truly extraordinary. Discover the magic of “Someone” and join the community to celebrate.

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