In the pulsating cityscape of Frankfurt, Germany, resides the soulful artist D-Terence. D-Terence stands as a solo artist, a multifaceted talent weaving his narrative through the realms of singing, songwriting, and production. D-Terence draws inspiration from the pulsating energy and diverse influences that define the German music landscape and his presence in this thriving musical landscape has not only shaped his sound but also fueled his creative spirit.

With an unwavering passion for storytelling through music, D-Terence embarked on his artistic journey, carving a niche that effortlessly blends his unique experiences with a global musical tapestry. The streets of Frankfurt, with their eclectic vibes, became the canvas for his creativity. Influenced by a spectrum of artists from M.I Abaga, Emilie Sande, Dadju to J.Cole, D-Terence’s musical identity reflects a fusion of genres, a melodic manifestation of his eclectic taste.


His musical expedition extends beyond borders, as evidenced by performances at Kids Fest Liverpool 2017 and Afro Fest Porto, where he shared his melodies with audiences, leaving an indelible mark. Currently immersed in the creation of his second album, D-Terence’s musical evolution is dynamic and ever-expanding. An EP collaboration with Lil_JR! and partnerships with artists like Der Oscar Effekt and Twwen! showcase his commitment to artistic exploration. D-Terence is not merely an artist; he is a maestro orchestrating emotions through his craft.

On the canvas of his musical journey, D-Terence presents “Move On” as a masterpiece. Released on November 17th, 2023, this single is a reflection of D-Terence’s soul, a poignant chapter in the narrative of his musical odyssey. As the enchanting sounds of Frankfurt serve as the backdrop, “Move On” obliterates boundaries, inviting listeners like you and I into the heart of D-Terence’s emotions.

Coming into the realm of “Move On” by D-Terence, I find myself at a loss for words. The song has woven itself into the fabric of my emotions, resonating each time I hit play. The hauntingly beautiful sounds linger in my mind even when the music stops. It’s more than just a song; it’s a mirror reflecting my own personal journey. From the very start, the emotional depth in both the instrumentation and lyricism grips me. Lines like “I no dey smoke but I get high” reveal a song conceived from the depths of D-Terence’s being, speaking directly to my soul. Complexity takes a back seat; what prevails is a simplicity laced with profound emotions.

As the composition unfolds, the celestial sounds of the piano echo through the walls of the entire soundscape. Ethereal vocals harmonize within the shadows, creating an orchestral ambiance akin to angels singing. The drum’s softly energetic beat follows, pulsating through the composition, breathing life and energy into every note. By the 0:20 timestamp, D-Terence’s soft, mellow, and angelic vocals dance through the composition, carrying lyrics with a profound depth that glazes through my being. This beauty demands a place in everyone’s playlist, an irresistible addition.

“Move On” becomes a musical journey, a poignant reflection on the challenges of growing apart. The weariness in the lyrics echoes my own struggles, urging me to recognize my worth. The mantra “This too shall pass” becomes a lifeline, echoing the transient nature of challenges. In the midst of emotional turmoil, D-Terence finds solace in the guidance of the “most high,” infusing a spiritual aspect into the journey. The admission of not wanting to lose the connection, yet acknowledging the need to let go, captures the intricate dance of emotional entanglements.

Lines like “Another morning missing me, staring at your phone hoping to see me calling through” vividly paint the longing accompanying separation. D-Terence encourages acceptance, recognizing that if departure is inevitable, moving on is the best course. The emotional weight is palpable in lines such as “You got me, oh no, it’s time to let go; I ain’t there no more, it’s best you move on.” “Move On” transforms into a soulful narrative, encapsulating the bittersweet experience of realizing when it’s time to embrace change and move forward.

The standout feature of “Move On” lies in D-Terence’s ability to convey profound messages through simplistic yet deeply rooted lyrics and instrumentation. It feels almost too good to be true, yet here it is — a musical gem that transcends boundaries. “Move On” by D-Terence becomes not just a song but a companion in the journey of self-discovery, a therapeutic exploration of emotions. Add this masterpiece to your playlist, let the celestial sounds and angelic vocals guide you through the labyrinth of emotions, and immerse yourself in the melodic brilliance of D-Terence.

Plunge yourself into this musical masterpiece and add “Move On” to your playlist. Let it be the soundtrack to your own emotional exploration, a companion in moments of reflection. Experience the beauty of simplicity intertwined with deep emotions. Join me in pressing play, letting the sounds of D-Terence’s soulful narrative resonate within you. “Move On” is not just a song; it’s an invitation to feel, reflect, and embrace the transformative power of music.

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