Carolena releases her new spectacular R&B single feat. Jack Juan

Carolena’s R&B ballad “LMK” feat. Jack Juan is about the vulnerability and complexities of romantic relationships.

Carolena is a South Florida-based singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and performer. As an alternative-pop musician with a reggae and R&B background, she has a genuine, soulful sound. Her Latino heritage influences her rhythmic tendencies, which are most noticeable when she performs live with her band. She has performed at The Hard Rock, House of Blues, and other local venues, demonstrating her variety and determination. Her acoustic writing reveals a more vulnerable and accessible side, allowing the audience to look behind her edgy and sexy persona.

In order to demonstrate her exceptional talent for performing and mastering numerous styles, Carolena’s repertoire consists of both original songs and covers of songs from every genre. Her upbringing and training have helped her to set no boundaries when it comes to connecting with an audience and adjusting to various types of gatherings. She exudes tremendous energy on stage, but it also has a very playful and humble vibe to it. She performs solo piano, guitar, cajon, and ukulele music in addition to playing with a band. Jon Bellion, Tori Kelly, and Sara Bareilles are some of her most recent musical and stylistic influences.

The most recent successes of Carolena include several sync placements for TV and film on networks like HULU, Netflix, CW, MTV, BET, and others. She was profiled on NPR’s “All Songs Considered” for her entry into the Tiny Desk Contest and listed as a Top Prospect in Music Connection Magazine.

The R&B ballad “LMK” by Carolena, which was released on February 2, 2023, communicates in a candid manner about the core of a challenging circumstance. Jack Juan’s feature gives the song a silky smooth tone and offers a different angle on a lover. Carolena takes the lead with her sultry, yet emotional, vocals. The intimate and melancholy atmosphere of D Will’s production makes it possible to spotlight the vocals and message. 

The second verse of the song gains additional richness and depth thanks to Jack Juan’s featured vocals. He begins the song with the line “Pardon me if I’m coming on strong, feelings on my sleeve,” and with Carolina’s help, he expertly combines his voice with hers to produce a duet that sounds like a real conversation between two people in love. His vocal prowess is on par with Carolina’s, and the two voices’ seamless blending is truly amazing.

The song’s hook, “If you’re going to think about it, let me know,” by Carolina, is a traditional R&B hook that grabs the listener’s attention right away. The song’s pace is set by her verse, “Promise me one thing even though you don’t owe me one thing,” and she later sings, “Keep thinking ’bout it, I know it’s not healthy for me,” with such unfiltered emotion that it’s difficult not to be drawn in.

The R&B song “LMK” by Carolina featuring Jack Juan is excellent overall. Both artists give excellent vocal performances, with Carolina’s voice standing out as the track’s standout feature and Jack Juan’s featured vocals adding an additional layer of richness and depth. Despite being slow-moving, the instrumentation is expertly made, and the production is excellent. Fans of R&B music must listen to the song because of its groovy vibe, sensual lyrics, and lovely melody, but even non-fans will enjoy it for its timeless hooks and emotive power. Both artists deserve praise for their efforts and commitment in producing this masterpiece.

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