“DCxPC” live vol 5 presents “The Goons”

“DCxPC” the Punk band with no limits, its time to get wild, get psyched, get thrilled with the “Volume 5”

The Goons were a hardcore/punk band from Washington, DC, that existed from 1994 to 2006. During the existence of this band, the suburban youths of Washington, DC, were prone to apathy and hopelessness, yet making noise was something to be concerned about. Their show served as an excuse not to get arrested, and the crowd’s expressions during the show indicated that there was more to the DC area than uptight pigs. “The Goons” attempted to provoke and contribute to “more” gathering and chaos! 

How the Goons met their friends, they blasted them with short, tight blasts of “Mohican-Kid Speed Rock” and challenged them to come out and play. “Frustrated with the folks you must deal with”? “Are you sick of your job?” “Tired of listening to the radio?” “Why should you play their game?” “You don’t fit in, and you don’t want to.” “The Goons were your people.” “The Goons are your people.” “You should shave your head.” “Steal from your employer.” “Spend time with your pals attempting to make something.” says “The Goons”

"The Goons"
“The Goons”

Since the early 1990s, The Goons have played a significant role in the DC Hardcore scene. The live recordings on this CD were made in 2001 while they were on tour with The Varukers and Molotov Cocktail. Despite disbanding in 2006, the band has performed at a few reunion concerts.

The Goons’ debut single, “White Tide,” was published in the year 2000. They were slated to perform at C-Squat in 1999, but the event was postponed. They were also informed that several residents of their neighborhood, including a child living in a nearby squat, had recently overdosed on heroin. The police were a pain in the rear, and the concert would just draw more attention to them. “Some drugs are good for partying, while others just eat you up, and if you’re lucky, you overdose before becoming a shell,” says “The Goons.” Conceptually, Procol Harum’s “Whiter Shade of Pale” and China White heroin served as inspiration for the title.

Before their live vinyl album with DCxPC Live, The Goons released the following albums:

• The Goons/The Boils Split 7″

• Bad Excuse 7″

• The Goons/Legbone Split 7″

• Living in America CD

• No Leaders CD

• Live at the Black Cat CD

• Nation in Distress CD

"DCxPC" live present "The Goons"
“DCxPC” live present “The Goons”

DCXPC Formally known as “The Goons,” began during the pandemic, when live shows were moved to live streams recorded their streams and decided to release them on vinyl as live albums with covers reminiscent of the VM Live album covers from the 1990s. They have since expanded to recording full live shows as well as releasing previous live shows. They have released the following live shows: split with Call in Dead, 2AMature, Year of the Fist, Two Man Advantage, and a split with Grave Return/The Hamilton.

"The Goons" new release
“The Goons” new release

In the year 2022, DCXPC released The Ratchet Boys. In memory of the band’s frontman, Dan Hess, who passed away in 2007 from Hodgins lymphoma, a type of lymphatic cancer, the earnings from this CD were donated to cancer research. They also released The Goons, Ann Beretta, a split with Orlando’s Curtains/Swift Knuckle Solution, and on November 18, 2022, The Goons became available on all streaming services, and the physical album was officially released today, November 25, 2022. 

In 2023, DCXPC will be releasing the following: Kind of Nightmare, a split with Tampa’s Rath and the wise guys/The Kutoffs, Fortitude, No Coffin, a split with Atlas/Moat Cobra, and Rhode Island’s Degenerates of Punks.

"The Goons"
“The Goons”

DCXPC are aware that Vol. 5 is being released after Vols. 6, 7, and 8, but as a new label, they had to look around for possibilities while determining which record-pressing company would offer the best value and the fastest turnaround for our albums. Their release timetable Is a well-organized chaos.

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