Credit: Michelle Gemma

Ellery Twining is seen as a versatile artist, a master of his trade who has carefully built a unique position for himself in the music industry. His solo adventure started with the reflective album “REVENGE” and has evolved into a complete solo journey. Twining’s second album, “RESULTS,” is not just a collection of songs but a tapestry of auditory experiences that continue the narrative of his debut. The album is a testament to his dedication, showcasing his talents as he plays every instrument, writes every lyric, and collaborates closely with Eric Lichter of Dirt Floor Recording Studio to produce a sound that is distinctly his own. “RESULTS,” released on June 1, 2023, Twining continues to build upon his debut’s foundation, delving deeper into the realms of Post Pop.

Credit: Michelle Gemma

S.B. Butler” marks the first music video from Ellery Twining’s sophomore album “RESULTS.” The video, released on April 1st, 2024, is a visual representation of Twining’s exploration of Post Pop soundscapes. It’s a continuation of the narrative he began in “REVENGE,” reflecting on the experiences of Generation X and their transition into what Twining describes as the “Post Generation”. The video is a collaborative creation with photographer Michelle Gemma of Mystic, CT, who wrote and directed this piece. Gemma, also responsible for Twining’s first video “WEATHERALL,” brings her distinctive visual storytelling to “S.B. Butler,” crafting a narrative that intertwines with the music to evoke a strong sense of nostalgia and reflection. The video is set in the United States, specifically in Mystic, CT, and features model Carly Straub.

The video commences with a split-screen presentation, where one part showcases a young girl, symbolizing innocence and the journey ahead. The other part is a montage of old photos and videos, serving as a portal to the past. This contrast establishes the mood of the video, emphasizing the difference between the uncomplicated nature of childhood and the intricate memories it creates. As the video continues, we track the girl as she walks through the streets of Mystic, CT. She is taking her time and reflecting, reflecting the adventurous spirit of youth. The park scenes evoke a strong sense of nostalgia, capturing the carefree essence of days spent outdoors, with the natural beauty of the location making the experience even more poignant.

Scattered throughout the video are childhood photos shown on the screen like pieces of a lost photo album. These images are more than mere visuals; they are gateways to stories untold, representing the myriad experiences that shape a person’s childhood. The childhood photos from the Freitas Family Albums are not just visual elements; they are emotional anchors that tie the viewer to the narrative. They evoke a sense of shared history, making the video relatable and deeply personal. The incorporation of childhood photos within the video is a stroke of genius. It creates a conversation between the past and present by blurring the line separating them.

In contrast to typical music videos, “S.B. Butler” includes a voiceover for narration instead of singing. The voiceover in the video is a powerful narrative tool. It narrates stories from childhood—some humorous, like learning curse words inadvertently, and others poignant, reflecting on the experiences that define us. This spoken element adds a layer of depth to the video, transforming it into a spoken-word performance set to music.

While Twining is the mastermind behind the music, the bass guitar’s grooves are courtesy of David Bentley. This collaboration highlights Twining’s willingness to bring in external talent to enhance the musical experience, acknowledging his limitations and turning them into strengths. The rhythmic groove that enhances the reflective mood of the video acts as a background for the narratives, strengthening the audience’s emotional bond with the visuals and storytelling.

S.B. Butler” is not just a music video; it’s a cross-sensory encounter that encourages viewers to reminisce about their childhoods and the societal changes that have influenced their existence. Ellery Twining’s artistic vision and skill in creating a cohesive work that connects with a broad audience are truly remarkable.

In conclusion, Ellery Twining has achieved something remarkable with “S.B. Butler.” The video captures the spirit of a generation and the artist’s journey of personal development, as well as his dedication to telling stories through music. It encourages audiences to go on a voyage of self-exploration and reminiscence, ensuring it is essential viewing for those who value the impact of music and storytelling. Make sure to watch this engaging video on your own.

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