A young boy set out on his journey in the midst of the war in the heart of Angola. Tende Kasha was born into the turmoil of Luanda, and his early years were marked by hardship and uncertainty. Nevertheless, amidst the debris and wreckage, he saw a spark ignite—a love of music that would ultimately determine his fate. When Tende Kasha was just ten years old, his parents sent him to Portugal and uprooted him from his native country, causing a drastic change in his life. Here, in the midst of the sounds of displacement, his musical passion grew. He sought comfort in song, drawing inspiration from the tunes that flooded the airwaves, and his voice became a ray of hope in the depths of despair.

But Tende Kasha really discovered his voice on the busy streets of London. He was motivated to leave his imprint on the world and immersed himself in the thriving music scene of the city after immigrating to the United Kingdom in 1989. Tende Kasha persisted in the face of voice cord spasms and financial difficulties because of his unshakeable desire, which kept him moving forward. Tende Kasha, driven by a desire to learn, attended the esteemed School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) to further his education. In 2000, he graduated with honors in both geography and development studies. Being multilingual and fluent in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish, he was able to make new contacts and chances for his artistic pursuits.


In 2000, Tende Kasha relocated to Australia, founding his own entertainment enterprise, Vital Pulse. Despite encountering obstacles, such as business closures, he persisted in his quest for musical mastery. Inspired by his background as a Youth Development Specialist, his music authentically highlights the challenges and victories of marginalized youth, giving voice to those often unheard. Tende Kasha released his debut album “INNER TUNE” in 2017, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his craft. The evocative single “Peace n Love,” which he released in 2020, was a genuine demonstration of his musicality and depth of emotion. This moving single served as a buildup to his next masterpiece, “Shinning Star,” which wowed audiences when it was unveiled in 2021. Tende Kasha went on to win the coveted 2021 AKADEMIA Rising Star Award for his single “Shinning Star,” as well as honors from the W.A.M. Awards and The AKADEMIA MUSIC AWARDS, in appreciation of his ability and perseverance. With his moving tales and heartfelt songs.

Tende Kasha’s musical masterwork “Mr. Liar,” which was released on January 20th, 2024, will take you on a voyage beyond this reality. This masterwork, with its heartfelt lyrics and lovely rhythms, embodies reggae music at its finest. Beginning with the gentle embrace of the opening chords and ending with the pulsing rhythm that ensnares the spirit, Tende Kasha invites listeners to explore the depths of love and deception. From there, the song develops into a mirror reflecting our own struggles and regrets, resonating with real honesty and emotional depth.

Tende Kasha shines as a genius in a world where music is the purest form of human expression, bringing his genius to the reggae genre with his most recent hit, “Mr Liar.” This song, which was released on January 20, 2024, with heavenly accuracy, is proof of Tende Kasha’s unmatched skill. It is immediately clear that “Mr. Liar” is more than just another reggae song—rather, it is a trip into the depths of thought and passion. The song’s opening notes are like a kiss to the soul.

I’m engulfed in a tapestry of sound and feeling as the song progresses, with every note connecting with unadulterated genuineness and ethereal beauty. A musical masterpiece is what can only be described as the opening notes, which embrace me like a pleasant summer’s day breeze. The subtle interplay of piano, guitar, and bass produces a pensive background that is both calming and alluring, setting the stage for Tende Kasha’s gorgeous vocals to soar.

The essential spirit of “Mr. Liar” emerges at the 0:22 timestamp, when the instrumentation transforms into a captivating dance of melody and rhythm. The piano, guitar, and drums blend together with a kind of exquisite dexterity that produces a reggae beat that is both pleasantly familiar and novel. Tende Kasha seems to have captured the spirit of the genre in its purest form, giving it an authenticity and purity that are uncommon in today’s music scene.

However, Tende Kasha’s lyrics are what really take “Mr. Liar” to a new level. His words struck a terrible chord with me as I consider the devastation of my own relationships, echoing the regrets and frustrations that consume me. He exposes the nuances of love and deceit with each stanza, urging listeners to face their own realities and welcome the prospect of salvation. It’s an unvarnished and sincere depiction of the human condition, filled with a haunting and therapeutic depth of feeling.

The way everything works together—the switches, the interplay, the small adjustments that take “Mr. Liar” from a song to a sublime experience—is what distinguishes it from other reggae music. It’s evidence of Tende Kasha’s skill as a musician and his readiness to show the world his innermost thoughts and feelings. Amidst the cacophony and distractions of the world, “Mr. Liar” radiates honesty and purity like a beacon. It acts as a reminder of how transformational, healing, and unifying music can be.

Tende Kasha’s song “Mr. Liar” is proof of the ability of music to arouse strong feelings and encourage reflection. This song goes beyond genre boundaries with its ethereal melodies, soulful vocals, and honest words, enticing listeners to go on a path of self-discovery and healing. This musical masterwork lingers in the mind long after the last notes go, creating a lasting impression. Searching for a musical diversion from the norm? You only need to listen to “Mr. Liar,” Tende Kasha’s enthralling song. This song will captivate you with its captivating combination of soulful vocals, meaningful words, and appealing reggae rhythms. Why then wait? Press play to give yourself the gift of transcendental music!

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