“If You Truly Want It,” by Enoka: A Strong Call to Action for Achieving Your Dreams

Enoka is a Swedish singer-songwriter who has developed a unique style of fusing pop melodies with the warmth of R&B. She has been recording vocal demos for producers and artists for many years, and she is now a recognized international artist. She has contributed to songs by artists like Arash, Gunter, Polish popstar Margaret, Bobby Farrell of Bony MJohn Lundvik, the 2019 winner of the Swedish Eurovision contest, and Loulou Lamotte, a member of The MAMAS, who will represent Sweden in the Eurovision 2020 competition.

Enoka has also collaborated with songwriters such as Anderz Wrethov and Andreas StoneAndreas Stone wrote “Like a Hurricane.” Thomas Cederholm works as a songwriter and producer at Hydra Studios in Malmö, Sweden. Her new single, “If You Really Want It,” which was released on March 3, 2023, is a stunning track that showcases the artist’s exceptional vocal ability and songwriting skills.

This song has equally impressive instrumentation, with a lovely blend of quickly moving percussion and other instruments that harmonize beautifully with the piano keys. Enoka’s heartfelt pre-chorus interlude, in which she sings, “We could find a way up to the stars, hand in hand, you and me,” is a potent call to action for the listener to follow their dreams and take risks.

Enoka is no stranger to creating compelling music that blurs the lines between the punch of electronic dance music and the melodies of pop. This release falls within that broad category while also demonstrating the artist’s ability to consistently aim higher and deliver excellent-sounding tracks that appeal to a wide audience. This record is notable for demonstrating a growth in the artist’s music as well as her determination to continue making good and relatable music that is always on the cutting edge.

Enoka’s voice is nothing short of exquisite in “If you really want it,” with every note she sings evoking a strong sense of emotion and authenticity. The opening line of the song, “It’s been a long time since I was fine, now I’m coming for you,” is sung by Enoka and immediately draws the listener into the emotional world of the song. “If you really want it, I could make it different, different in a different way, and if you really want it, I could make it different, maybe I could lead the way,” are lines from the song’s chorus that Enoka sings. The chorus is memorable and catchy, making it easy for listeners to sing along.

Overall, “If you really want it” by Enoka is a stunning and powerful song that displays the artist’s prodigious talent. You should definitely check this out if you enjoy the music of artists like Charli XCX, Dua Lipa, Marina & The Diamonds, and Rihanna.

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