Musical virtuoso Josh Dooz is known for his inventive ingenuity and unwavering dedication throughout his journey through the realm of sound. Set in Westchester, USA, Josh developed a lifelong passion for music at a young age, inspired by a wide variety of genres and eras of artists. Early on, he immersed himself in the diverse tapestry of hip-hop, jazz, and vintage rock, all of which influenced his unique style. When Josh began playing at renowned music festivals like The Goodstock Music Festivals, 3 Nights of Vitality, and 914Stock, his career took a big turn for the better.

Through these channels, he was able to hone his skill and establish a deep connection with viewers. With his ability to capture the intensity of the moment in his music, his performances are more than just concerts—they are life-changing encounters. Josh Dooz’s partnership with Stan on saxophone and Jimi Jayy James on guitar was a turning point in his career. This trio has produced and recorded music at Stockroom Records in Mamaroneck, New York, and has done so in a way that is both creative and classic.

Their creative center, Stockroom Records, serves as a medium through which they express whatever musical idea comes to them. Josh Dooz’s music stands out for its richness and diversity. He has a remarkable talent for fusing several genres together to create songs that are simultaneously nostalgic and original. His art serves as a tribute to the value of teamwork and the enchantment that results from gifted artists working together to produce something bigger than the sum of their individual talents.


“I Feel Like Me,” a song by Josh Dooz that has already been acclaimed as the year’s self-love anthem, was released on April 26th, 2024. This song is a potent representation of the path toward self-realization and achievement. Josh has created a song that captivates listeners with a blend of classical hip-hop infused with soulful melodies and upbeat rhythms, with the dynamic contributions of Stan on the saxophone and Jimi Jayy James on the guitar.

Finding “I Feel Like Me,” a song by Josh Dooz, has changed my life. I was instantly drawn in by this song’s distinctive fusion of soulful melodies and vintage hip-hop. Jimi Jayy James, a gifted guitarist, opens the song with some tasteful guitar strumming. The soft sounds laid the groundwork for what was to come, analogous to the first rays of sunlight emerging after a long, dark night. Merely this introduction promised a voyage of self-awareness and individual achievement.

Josh’s silky vocal performance started to take hold of the song as it went on. There was a calm assurance in his voice that really spoke to me. He seemed to be telling me to start a path of self-acceptance and love directly to my soul. I thought the words of the song, which talked about overcoming adversity and realizing one’s true self, were really inspirational and realistic. Josh did more with his performance than just sing; it was the epitome of storytelling.

Stan’s saxophone brought a level of refinement and elegance to the song. His delicate notes swirled across the melody, adding to the emotional depth of the song. It was like to witnessing the finishing touches of a master painter, where every brushstroke added a new dimension to the finished product. The saxophone’s introduction to the song was like a breath of fresh air; it added a fascinating feeling of majesty and grandeur.

The song then gained a heavenly quality from the background vocalists, which sounded like an angelic symphony. Their delicate yet impactful harmonies raised Josh Dooz’s lead vocals to a divine level. I felt as though the music was directing me into a state of inner serenity and self-acceptance because of this interplay, which gave me a sense of totality and unity. This served as a potent reminder of the wonders that may be produced when artists unite to create something bigger than themselves.


There was a noticeable change in the tune about minute one. A lively hip-hop beat, characterized by the drum’s swinging rhythm and the deep, resonant bass lines, replaced the calm, classical atmosphere. This change happened smoothly and seemed to follow the song’s progression naturally. With every instrument adding to the rich tapestry of sound, the tune had fully developed into a vibrant and upbeat composition by the 1:05 timestamp. A captivating and uplifting experience was created by the absolutely amazing interplay between the instruments.

The song “I Feel Like Me” touched me especially since it was able to express such a deep message. The journey of self-discovery and the power of self-love are celebrated in this song. Since I have also struggled to accept who I am and find my place in the world, I can really connect to the story. I was inspired and energized long after the song ended because of its powerful words and superb instrumentation.


The skill of Stockroom Records in Mamaroneck, New York, is responsible for the track’s impeccable production quality. The song’s various elements are skillfully combined to create a cohesive and lovely sound, ranging from the powerful saxophone notes to the delicate guitar strings. The production allows each instrument to take center stage while maintaining a sense of cohesion and flow throughout the song. It is proof of the skill and dedication of everyone involved in the song’s creation.

“I Feel Like Me” is a journey, a tale of overcoming hardship and accepting one’s actual self, rather than just a song. A timeless and relevant masterpiece has been made by Josh Dooz, Stan, and Jimi Jayy James. This music evokes feelings of empowerment and self-love and talks to the soul. Anyone looking for inspiration and a closer connection to their personal journey should definitely listen to this song, in my opinion. The experience of listening to “I Feel Like Me” will stick with you since it serves as a beautiful reminder of what it is to be authentic.

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