Kurst Releases his latest astounding hip-hop Single

Kurst’s “The Oracle” is a Disney-inspired rap song about tenacity, treachery, and love. Kurst’s ability to integrate his interests in music and film into a single, coherent movement is seen in the song.

The name Kurst, an independent Canadian musician from Windsor, Ontario, is an acronym for King Under Really Stressful Times. When it comes to writing lyrics, Kurst is a musical genius, and during his difficult times, he used music as an outlet to escape from all of his challenges. He was already composing his own songs at the age of 10, which was not difficult for him because he excelled in poetry.

Rap may incite you, excite you, lift your spirits, or comfort you when you’re down. It’s fluid and flexible, and Kurst may be the most flexible and fluid person in the world. “The Oracle,” his most recent single released on February 17th, 2023, is one of several hip-hop rap successes that make up his catalog. It is blunt and chock-full of brilliant ideas and excellent examples; the vocals come in quickly and forcefully, and they have a presence and attitude. If you pay close attention, you’ll hear movie references everywhere.

Red Skye Visuals
Red Skye Visuals

“The Oracle” is enthralling from beginning to end; the song is packed with excitement; and Kurst’s performance is just breathtaking. His song’s resonance, especially the way the rapper juggles various patterns in his verses, really impacted me. A little sway is occasionally incorporated into the song’s structure, while other times the flow comes on strongly. When the vocal harmonies start to play, when the synths follow, and when the strong beat finally strikes, everything sounds fantastic. Kurst’s voice and poetic delivery are on point with all of these characteristics surfacing, especially when he’s expressive with the words. It’s a direct, confrontational, and utterly engrossing experience to partake in. 

“The Oracle” is an apt description of his powers; it began as a writing experiment in which Kurst attempted to combine as many Disney movie allusions as possible into a single song. I am confident that after hearing the song, you will agree with me that Kurst’s decision to share it with the public was a wise one. “The Oracle” is a story about determination, betrayal, and love that is part of an EP called “Movie Night.” It’s incredible how Kurst manages to cram the lives of the Disney characters into a 3 minute, 21 second song; the delivery, bars, and arrangement are all excellent.

Although the song lacks a memorable hook or chorus, it is a triumph for hip-hop lovers because the entire song is comprised of straight phrases. You’d have to listen to “The Oracle” for yourself. I like artists who can combine their interests into a single, unified movement. Kurst does this through the use of sound and video. You can tell that his music is influenced by movies. It’s cozy and comforting, yet it’s also innovative and fresh. 

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