Joel Rivendell’s “Moonshine and Coffee” is a lively, country-flavored song that promotes living life to the fullest and enjoying life’s joys and pleasures with passion and zest. The song invites the listener to let go, have fun, and enjoy the now without being concerned about the past or the future.

Joel Rivendell is a passionate singer, songwriter, and musician who enjoys music as a hobby. He has been composing music for a long time and is based in Melbourne, Australia. Joel Rivendell writes songs on occasion, but he has mastered the art. He has a very distinct musical style that may be classified as funk rock with hints of country music.

Joel Rivendell has had a positive response from his fans after releasing tracks on numerous platforms, such as Spotify. He has produced solely singles since he started in 2019 and is returning with yet another masterpiece named “Moonshine and Coffee,” released on May 1, 2022.

“Moonshine & Coffee” is an upbeat, country-flavored musical extravaganza about living life to the fullest. It features rattling drums that swish and sway, guitars that twang and hum, and vocal power that knows no bounds.

It begins with a great drum pattern that just fills in with enthusiasm, then soon after, a banjo enters the tune, followed by an incredible bass that simply builds the beat in a funky way. The guitar begins with an acapella vocal phrase; with their funky nature, the drums and bass propel the song forward, and Joel Rivendell’s vocals quickly follow. The vocals are flawless, with layers of harmony and a great tune that fits the song perfectly. The song is long but so full of pleasure, and it has no dull moments and keeps you fascinated till the very end. 

Joel Rivendell puts a lot of thought into his compositions; you can pick a tune at random and be confident that it will be a blast. But with “Moonshine and Coffee,” he’s on a gold rush. It’s catchy, energetic, and one of my favorites.

Joel Rivendell has created a stunning masterpiece, “Moonshine and Coffee,” a tune you should not miss hearing.

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