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French rock scene: Breton rock band Santa Claws has carved out a special place for themselves. Upon its formation in the tranquil village of Guingamp in 2014, the band became well-known for their amazing performing arts and pure enthusiasm. Their distinctive style, which blends rock ‘n roll with pop and psychedelic influences, and amazing live performances have made them a regular in the local music scene throughout the years. They also put on great shows. The journey of the Santa Claws is proof of adaptability and resiliency. They devoted themselves to perfecting their craft and traveled nonstop in their early years.

Recorded at the esteemed Kerwax studios, they released their debut single, “Two Kings One Crown,” in 2019. This song introduced their audacious, unadulterated sound. With their live recording of “Echoes,” at Petit Echo de la Mode in 2022, the band captured the soul of their concerts and built on their success. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Santa Claws encountered numerous difficulties, including cancelled shows, delayed collaborations, and lineup modifications that put their perseverance to the test. But these setbacks just strengthened their resolve to advance and push the envelope.

They further cemented their position in the rock music scene by opening for legendary acts like Négresse Vertes and Fleshtones by 2023. The Santa Claws started a new chapter as 2024 drew near, marking their tenth anniversary. They are going to release an album called “…So live and let lie,” which is a more polished and processed sound than their previous, more raw style. Their singles reflect this progression; “She Turns,” which was released in November 2023, combines psychedelic and sad themes effectively.

Credit: Jacques Rolland

“Gimme a Minute,” the newest single from Santa Claws, will charm you. It was released on May 3rd, 2024. The story of Sally, a free-spirited, eccentric young woman who goes it alone, is told through this song’s intricate musical tapestry, which is a captivating fusion of progressive rock and pop. “Gimme a Minute” will linger in the minds of listeners with its upbeat beats and captivating story, encouraging people to embrace the unrestricted independence and uniqueness that Sally personifies.

Upon initially pressing play on the song “Gimme a Minute,” by Santa Claws, I was captivated by its lively auditory and narrative elements. Warm, welcoming energy emanated from the first guitar notes, perfectly blending with the bass drum’s steady pulse. An aural adventure that would be both thrilling and profoundly touching was started in motion by this introduction. The music instantly connected with me and gave me a sense of excitement for what was to come.

I couldn’t help but notice how expertly made the song was as it progressed. The guitars, bass, and percussion were all perfectly blended to produce a rich, dynamic background by the 0:09 mark, when the song had reached its peak. The lines came to life with a grand and personal fusion of precision and grace when the lead singer’s voice joined the group. It was immensely fulfilling to observe how the song’s components all came together to create a seamless whole that was better than the combination of its parts.

“Gimme a Minute” stands out for its remarkable ability to harmonize different musical styles. The song’s smooth fusion of pop sensibilities with progressive rock results in a sound that is both pleasantly familiar and novel. The riffs and patterns on the guitars added levels of excitement and intricacy, and I couldn’t help but be caught in by the way they danced throughout the song. Santa Claws had obviously not held back in pushing the boundaries of their prior work and exploring new musical territory.

Credit: Lucie Boucher

The intensity build-up that happens at 0:38 in the song really stuck out to me as it went on. The main singer’s passionate voice, the building percussion beats, and the prolonged guitar strings all combined to create a dramatic and thrilling crescendo. I was totally engrossed in the event by the time the music peaked at 0:45. Deep bass, energetic guitar riffs, and forceful drum beats all came together to produce a fantastic celebration of music at this very moment. What emerged was nothing short of a spectacular burst of melody and rhythm.

A sense of excitement and suspense is created as the music took me on a journey through a variety of highs and lows. The entire narrative gained depth and breadth with each change in rhythm and intensity, which felt like a new chapter in Sally’s story. From the beginning to the end, this dynamic structure kept me interested and curious about where the music would go next.

“Gimme a Minute” was produced with such great attention to detail, it shows in every beat and sound. I couldn’t believe how well the drums, bass, and guitars blended to provide a deep, engrossing atmosphere. The group’s choice to approach this album with more production value and polish has paid off, as evidenced by the track’s ability to be both very clever and approachable. It’s evidence of their development as artists and their readiness to challenge their own creative boundaries.


With “Gimme a Minute,” Santa Claws has really beyond themselves. This song perfectly captures the essence of Sally’s free-spirited personality and the band’s developing sound, fusing inventive music with poignant storytelling. Listeners are encouraged to accept Sally’s independence and uniqueness as well as to lose themselves in the track’s colorful rhythms. “Gimme a Minute” is a must-listen for anyone searching for a song that is extremely humorous and thought-provoking. Please play this song often and allow it to take you on an incredible journey.

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