Goodcry Unveils ‘Operate’: A Captivating Fusion Of Danceable Rhythms And Thought-Provoking Healthcare Critique

Introducing Goodcry, the brainchild of independent musician Spencer Hoyt, hailing from California but residing in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. Goodcry’s musical canvas is a fusion of indie rock, pop, electronic, hip hop, and a penchant for crafting intricate soundscapes. Through his music, Hoyt embarks on a journey to explore a wide spectrum of emotions and lived experiences, creating a unique sonic landscape.

Released on October 31st, 2023, “Operate” is the second single from the artist Goodcry, delivering a mesmerizing fusion of a driving dance rhythm and thought-provoking commentary on the medical establishment. This song embarks on a profound journey, aiming to keep the listener moving while simultaneously encouraging deep introspection on how we care for ourselves in our modern world. The song was written in the waiting room of an Ontario hospital, which sets the tone for its exploration of healthcare norms. It boldly questions the status quo, highlighting a medical model that often prioritizes pharmaceutical intervention over prevention.

From the very outset, “Operate” sets a captivating stage. It opens with an electronic beat that immediately grabs your attention. This beat is not just a musical backdrop but a pulse, a heartbeat, and an irresistible call to the dance floor. It’s an introduction to a rhythmic experience that you can’t resist. The simplicity and consistency of this beat create a foundation for what’s about to unfold.

A distinctive feature of the song is the emergence of a robotic-like voice, layered over the electronic rhythm. This voice carries an eerie, mechanical quality. The juxtaposition of this robotic voice against the danceable backdrop adds depth and complexity to the track, setting the stage for the thematic exploration ahead.

As the song progresses, the singer’s vocals come into play. In contrast to the electronic elements, the vocals are straightforward and emotive, grounding the listener in a human connection. This contrast is central to “Operate”, symbolizing the tension between the mechanical and human aspects of our modern healthcare system. The vocals, while maintaining a sense of normalcy, work in harmony with the electronic rhythm. They serve to convey the song’s message effectively and resonate with the listener.

Around the 1:23-minute mark, the song undergoes a subtle energy build-up. This moment is a turning point, creating an intriguing atmosphere as the rhythm evolves, elevating the mood and anticipation. The transition that follows introduces a more dynamic and impactful rhythm, adding an intriguing layer to the song’s composition. It’s a surprising and captivating twist that heightens the overall listening experience.


In conclusion, “Operate” by Goodcry is an exceptional piece of music that marries a captivating electronic rhythm with thought-provoking lyrics. This song doesn’t just invite you to dance; it encourages you to question the state of healthcare in our modern world. The combination of electronic elements, the robotic-like voice, and emotive vocals creates a multi-dimensional experience that transcends the surface. “Operate” is a song that offers both an energetic groove and an invitation to reflect deeply on healthcare practices. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this unique musical journey.

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