“Trucker” by Karly Driftwood

“Trucker” by Karly Driftwood is an indie rock song that expresses the singer’s desire for a simpler life as a truck driver and a longing for freedom and solitude through contemplative lyrics and tone. It hints at past experiences that make the thought of leaving everything behind appealing. Karly Driftwood, a singer and songwriter who was born in Virginia and now resides in Nashville, has a distinctive sound that fuses many genres into something essentially genuine. A peculiar feeling that is difficult to find in today’s music landscape is created by lyrics with a dark, rebellious flair blended with calming pop-country sounds. She frequently performs her original music at Nashville’s many bars and cafés. Karly Driftwood has a bright future ahead of her, with 2022 serving as her first streaming year.

One of the Top 3 finalists in Eddie’s Attic Songwriter competition, Karly Driftwood, has an intriguing and distinctive background. She spent a day working in the mortuary lab, writing songs over lunch, and working late into the night in strip clubs to save money for studio time. Karly Driftwood’s first album, “Too Mean to Die,” was published in 2019. The album’s production team included Steve Blackmon, Jake Clayton, Rob Daniels, and Chris Gehringe. Since then, she has performed as an opener for artists like Lucero, Chuck Ragan, Cory Branan, Charlie Parr, etc.

Cody Pride
Cody Pride

Karly Driftwood believes she once worked as a truckstop prostitute in her former life. She would take her laptop to the truck stop to work on music after spending late hours working in the strip club. She has always felt at ease among truckers for some reason. She could identify with their travel lifestyle because she too was a touring musician. In the lobby, she wrote “Trucker,” wishing she might escape life.

Trucker” was released on November 4, 2022. A person may decide to travel alone because of their resounding loneliness. Karly Driftwood talks about how she wanted to become a truck driver so she could go away forever and the small events in life that might make it tempting to live a solitary life. The song alludes to the freedom that comes with permanently abandoning your life; however, it isn’t explicitly mentioned. The single begins with quiet guitar strumming and then has whispered lyrics about wanting a different existence. The verse and chorus of the song are supported by the same instrumentals, which fit the song’s lingering introspective tone, and the tempo isn’t increased or the passion conveyed via the lyrics strengthened by the artist until the bridge.

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