Josy B releases her new commercial pop Single “Crush”

“Crush” by Josy B is an emotional song with a catchy melody and relatable lyrics that are inspired by the difficulties Josy B faced in her love life.

Josy B is a talented independent R&B and pop musician from Los Angeles,, who creates a smooth brew of a pleasantly eloquent mixture-filled concoction of catchy music that is incredibly relevant in these overstimulated times. Since 2007, she has been recording and releasing music. “BTW” helps you comprehend her passion for music and the course she’s followed in life. It has an excellent mix of sounds that stick in your head for a very long time.

The up-and-coming Puerto Rican singer Josy B debuts her mainstream pop tune “Crush” following the release of her critically lauded song “BTW.” In “Crush,” Josy B adopts a sentimental tone that pays homage to the pop music of the 1990s and is strikingly evocative of Mariah Carey. However, “Crush” has both a retro-pop aesthetic and a modern flare, keeping the song current while also having a nostalgic feel.

Josy B is a singer and songwriter who creates distinctive songs by fusing soulful R&B with passionate pop, drawing inspiration from musicians like Madonna, Mariah Carey, and many more. Josy B has been in the music industry for decades and has had a number of songs used in movies and television, including The Sweetest Thing, Bad Blood, and Dance Showdown. Her most recent composition, “Crush,” was made available on December 8, 2022.

Crush” is an exquisite tune with a whimsical aspect that is bright and energizing. The song effortlessly ensnares your senses and lifts your spirit on a sound cloud since it is sincere, heartfelt, and honest. The punching beats in this track create an intoxicating rhythm that is hard to resist. As it passes through you, you can feel it sway your hips and move your shoulders. The vocals hit the beats and disperse the synths to produce a shimmering background. As it takes on the force of the beats, a strong bassline holds the song together. Strong hooks weave in and out of the contemporary vocals as they boomerang across the soundscape. The vocal arrangement completely captures our attention with emotive modulations and sassy ad-libs that keep us coming back for more.

Pitbull, Mario, and Scott Storch collaborated on “Crush,” a song with a catchy melody that is suitable for all audiences, and it was recorded with renowned producer Travis House. Additionally, the poetic lyrics are quite relatable and work well with the melody in speaking to listeners. With a personal tale woven throughout the lyrics, Josy B engages listeners on a personal level while touching on the emotional side of romantic relationships. Josy B‘s love-life difficulties served as inspiration for the song.

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