From the vibrant scene of South Jersey and Philadelphia An impeccable artist stands for out her raw honesty and emotion with the unique fusion of R&B and pop influences is Aubryannna. Aubryannna crafts soulful melodies that resonate with music enthusiasts worldwide, her music draws listeners to the heart felt lyrics and catchy beat that speaks to the soul. From childhood Aubryannna found solace in music which became her way of expression in navigating the world around her. Her deep connection to her craft has shaped her journey as a singer songwriter marked with authenticity and resilience.

Aubryannna’s latest masterpiece cover girl released in May 2024 is a bold pop anthem that challenges the glossy facade of perfection, celebrates individuality and urges fans to embrace their flaws and reject societal pressures and conformity, Promoting the powerful message of self love and acceptance. Cover girl by Aubryannna begins with a hauntingly beautiful piano melodies setting stage for Aubryannna’s powerful voice which came in with so much emotion at the 0.01 Mark with lines that struck a cord in the listener’s heart, with lines like “And I know she’s what you want They all love a Barbie doll I’ll never be that girl without imperfections” as Aubryannna’s emotional vocals hit your ears with this powerful line you can definitely tell you are in for a special treat. As the beat kicks in at the 0.17 mark, the song immediately transforms to an energetic anthem that envelopes the listener making it impossible not to bop your head and tap your feet to this infectious rhythm.

As the song progresses Aubryannna delivers poignant and relatable lines like “Watch how she pull up Perfect body everybody wanna be her Front page of the magazine CoverGirl ain’t that the dream.” This line are so deep it’s send shivers down the spine of the listener. And As she sings the bridge with lines like “And I know just what you want, and I’ll never be that girl, I’ll never be that girl…. without imperfections” her vocals soars even higher hypnotizing it’s listeners with her angelic voice, Aubryannna’s voice definitely adds a powerful depth to the lyrics making heartfelt with so much emotions that is strong leaving an indelible mark on the listener.

One thing I must commend Aubryannna for, is how she was able to deliver her lyrics with high notes that sometimes feel uneasy to reach and yes she delivered it with so much confidence, The interplay between the piano and the drums are particularly noteworthy and the way it blends beautifully with
Aubryannna’s voice with perfection is definitely noteworthy, Aubryannna has mastered her craft and “Cover girl” is that proof.

The second verse continues to explore the themes of self love and and acceptance with lines like “I could be another prima donna beauty I could be a pageant queen just like the movies I’d be sick just thinking of a new me Ripped right out the plastic Brand new girl a little boujee.” This lines adds more to the emotional layer and depth of the song. Another standout moment for me is at the 2:39 mark the drums went mute and the music strips down to just the piano, synth and Aubryannna’s vocals, this moment was really breathtaking as the instruments allowed Aubryannna voice to shine majestically even more as she repeat the line “And I know she’s what you want They all love a Barbie doll I’ll never be that girl without imperfections. Trust me this moment was hauntingly beautiful and I think every person that listen to this song should savour that moment, it’s a complete electrifying and heartfelt experience.

As the song reaches it’s final crescendo at the 3:03 mark, the energy soars even higher with the electronic guitar taking center stage. Aubryannna emotional vocals performance breaks through leaving the listeners to feel alive, inspired and introspective. And as the final notes fades away the listener is left in the world of introspection where they can project into the sad realities of societal pressures and conformity. At core “Cover girl” by Aubryannna enlightens the listeners on this issues mentioned while inspiring and encouraging the listeners to embrace their imperfections and foster a newfound sense of empowerment and liberation.

This track will resonate with many I can tell you that for a fact, regardless of gender or age, and in a world where we often feel pressured to fit in “Cover girl” by Aubryannna is refreshing reminder of the importance of self- love and individuality This is a song I will be adding to Dulaxi’s upbeat and energetic playlist, you can find to the song in our playlist, and I highly recommend you add it to your playlist as a gentle reminder to embrace who you are every time you hit on that play button.

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