The House Flies, originating from Moline, Illinois, are an intriguing band that cannot be easily classified. Their distinctive sound has been likened to iconic bands like The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, and Joy Division, because of their complex, richly textured music. The group creates a lush sound with ethereal vocals, dreamy guitar and bass melodies, and ambient tracks that take listeners to different worlds. The House Flies is made up of Alex Riggen on vocals and guitar, Nick Pompou on drums, and Ozzie Woods on bass. Alex Riggen and Nick Pompou, who are also part of the well-known post-metal grunge band Murnau, which has put out four albums since 2008. This experience enhances their music in The House Flies, bringing complexity and maturity to their sound while highlighting their impressive musical skills.

The House Flies

The most recent release from The House Flies, titled “Mannequin Deposit,” is a captivating contribution to the genres of post-punk, goth rock, alternative, shoegaze, and grunge. Released on July 2nd, 2024, this album presents an interesting mix of whimsical pop tunes and edgy, gritty gothic elements throughout its eight songs. The outcome is a memorable musical experience that alternates between heavenly atmosphere and powerful energy. “Mannequin Deposit” captivates from the first notes with its uniform yet varied tone. Every song is carefully created to ensure that each component, from the eerie singing to the detailed music, plays a vital role in the album’s overall atmosphere. The House Flies excel at crafting an engaging listening experience, ensuring every moment is relevant and well-positioned.

Mannequin Deposit Album Track List:

the second song on “Mannequin Deposit,” starts with an eerie bass sound that quickly establishes a haunting atmosphere. This introspective beginning draws in the audience to a moody, atmospheric world, setting the tone for what awaits. By the 23 seconds-mark, the song completely changes, transitioning to a lively, throbbing musical arrangement that adds a lively energy to the overall sound.
At 47 seconds, the pulsating music calms down a bit to make room for singer’s compelling vocals to shine. In spite of this slight change, the rhythm stays forceful, propelling the song forward with gripping energy. The vocals blend perfectly with the music, striking a balance that keeps the listener interested and excited for what’s to come.
At 1:45, the instruments become more prominent, injecting the song with a contagious energy that cannot be overlooked. This increase in energy is reflected in the vocal performance, becoming more captivating and profound. “Sequin” showcases expert songwriting skills, combining powerful instrumentation and emotionally driven vocals to create a mesmerizing listening journey. Also, in moments when the music reaches its peak, the music is especially noteworthy, defined by a captivating energy that remains even after the song ends.

Queen Underground:
“Quee Underground,”
the fourth song on “Mannequin Deposit,” opens with a melody that creates an eerie atmosphere. This initial mood is quickly transformed by the introduction of a catchy beat, which propels the track forward with an irresistible rhythm. As the rhythm continues, additional musical components are slowly incorporated, creating more depth and intricacy that elevate the track’s catchy vibe.
At 1:02 minutes in, a soft singing voice joins in, delicately delivering the lyrics of the song to complement the catchy beat. This relaxed vocal delivery adds an intimate and soothing dimension to the track, creating a captivating contrast with the underlying energetic instrumentation. The seamless integration of these elements highlights the band’s skill in crafting a balanced and engaging sound.
By the 1:38-minute mark, the gentle vocal retracts, leaving the catchy beat and an exhilarating extra layer of instrumentation to shine. This instrumental interlude is a high point of the track, showcasing the band’s ability to build and sustain musical excitement. As the instrumentation begins to subside at the 2:18 mark, the gentle vocal returns, showcasing the track’s dynamic composition . Overall, “Queen Underground” is a masterful blend of catchy and exhilarating instrumentation with relaxed, gentle vocal delivery, making it a standout piece on the album.

the sixth track on “Mannequin Deposit,” begins with a captivating rhythmic beat that immediately draws the listener in. By the 10-second mark, this beat is seamlessly joined by an eerie electronic rhythm, creating an intriguing blend of sounds. At the 28-second mark, a melodic soulful melody layers over the beat and electronic rhythm, enriching the track and adding depth to the opening moments of the song. As the track progresses, a calm, soulful voice emerges at the 46-second mark, effortlessly unfolding against the well-layered and structured musical arrangement. The vocal delivery is smooth and harmonious, perfectly complementing the intricate instrumental backdrop.
The interplay between the soulful voice and the captivating instrumentation creates a beautiful and cohesive listening experience, as both elements evolve together throughout the song. At the 2:34-minute mark, both the instrumentation and vocal delivery experience a notable shift in energy, gaining an infectious and vibrant boost. This change infuses the track with a new level of intensity, making it even more engaging. Overall, “Apple” is a captivating listen, with its infectious instrumentation and soulful, profound vocal delivery providing an immersive and dynamic listening experience.

Ghosts Will Speak Again:
“Ghosts Will Speak Again,”
the final track on “Mannequin Deposit,” truly lives up to its name with a haunting and unsettling introduction. The track begins by injecting the atmosphere with an eerie feeling, setting a tense and mysterious tone. At the 44-second mark, a hitting beat joins this unsettling sound, adding a rhythmic pulse that further heightens the track’s intensity. The gradual buildup continues as a melody slowly weaves into the mix at the 1:06-minute mark, creating a rich and layered sonic landscape.
By the 1:48-minute mark, a female vocal enters the composition with a slow delivery and relaxed tone, enhancing the haunting ambiance. The vocal delivery is both soothing and unsettling, perfectly complementing the eerie instrumental backdrop. The interplay between the vocals and instrumentation creates a dynamic flow, keeping the listener engaged as the track evolves. The tension and unease of the earlier sections build anticipation for what is to come, making each transition feel impactful.
At the 4:13-minute mark, the track reaches a climactic moment as the instrumentation gains a pulsating feel, soaring with captivating energy. This shift infuses the track with a new level of dynamism, making the pulsating, infectious moments truly stand out. Overall, “Ghosts Will Speak Again” is a dynamic and rhythmic composition, characterized by its captivating energy and infectious beats. The track’s evolving flow and haunting elements make it a powerful and fitting conclusion to the album.

The House Flies

The album excels in taking the listener on a journey through diverse emotional terrain. Tracks weave seamlessly between moments of melancholic reflection and bursts of energetic defiance. Listeners will find themselves drawn into the atmospheric tracks that define “Mannequin Deposit”. “Mannequin Deposit” isn’t just an album; it’s an adventure. Every song is crucial to the overall performance, creating a unified and captivating piece of art. “Mannequin Deposit” also holds the possibility of attracting a broader audience with its captivating musical landscapes.

To sum up, The House Flies’ “Mannequin Deposit” is an essential listen. It guarantees a fulfilling and enriching experience, presenting something fresh with every playback. The House Flies have completed a project that pays tribute to their inspirations while also establishing their own distinct presence in the music industry. The band’s skill in mixing dreamy pop with gritty undertones creates an album that is hauntingly beautiful and deeply resonant. Make sure you don’t overlook this outstanding release—it’s an album that definitely should not be ignored.

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