The lyrics of Mars Valencia’s song “Last Night in Lisbon” reflect the changes in life, stories and people left behind, and new chapters and realizations achieved. The melody stimulates the intellect, enabling alterations to easily fit into decisions about daily activities and shifting viewpoints.

Mars Valencia is a solo artist from south London whose razor-sharp bars are spreading like wildfire in the hip-hop community. He studied producing and music business for four years before releasing the EP “Welcome to Mars,” which he produced entirely by himself. His main influences include Don Toliver, The Weekend6lackSafe, and Tory LanezMars Valencia’s songs are full of deep lyrics and passionate melodies that delve deep into emotions, and he has a captivating way of creating music that is packed with messages that are meant to be heard by millions.

The fascinating pace of Mars Valencia’s latest single, “Last Night in Lisbon,” which was released on January 6th, 2023, will keep your attention, tickling the senses with the mesmerizing resonance of the narrative. A steady beat, programmed in a fluid and growing manner, paints colors on the paths walked by the assured vocalist, who expresses his ideas and visions in a connected and elegant manner. The words echo the changes in life, tales and people left behind, new chapters and insights gained, all in a tiny rhythm with the emotions that are generated in the situations. This piece has a lot to say and effectively knows how to pique the listener’s curiosity in order for a relationship to form between the work and the listener.

Last Night in Lisboa” is the first in the Mars Valencia time stamp series. The series is a reflection of Mars‘ current life situation and accomplishments. He wrote, produced, and recorded the song in three days in Lisbon (Lisboa, as the locals call it). At the same time as the song, a music video depicting the events will be published. Mars Valencia is indeed a genius when it comes to creating music that can spark a revolution.

Personally, after listening to this track, “Last Night in Lisboa” is, without doubt, one of his greatest singles yet. The tune contains some incredible melodies and beats that will keep you glued to your seat for the duration of the voyage, and the lyrics are well-structured and powerfully delivered. Mars Valencia is one of the few rappers who speaks candidly about important issues; this artist should be heard by the whole public. 

Last Night in Lisbon” stimulates the mind, allowing adjustments to seamlessly fit into life choices and evolving perspectives. You will be astounded to see such an excellent artist working with such heavy vision. Explore his discography, and you’ll be glad to have such songs in your collection as well. 

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