MR, the dynamic experimental pop-disco duo hailing from the US Tristate region, has taken the music scene by storm with their unique blend of 70s and 80s dance grooves, modern-day production, and captivating melodies. Comprising the talented duo of Maxwell Pollock and Robert Rosado, MR has carved a niche for themselves in the world of music with their infectious sound.

Maxwell Pollock and Robert Rosado, the driving forces behind MR, are not only the voices that enchant listeners but also the creative minds behind the songwriting and the magic that happens on the keys. These multi-talented musicians have found their synergy in their shared passion for music.

MR’s journey began long before the duo officially formed. Maxwell and Robert had been best friends for over a decade, sharing their dreams and aspirations. However, it was during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic that their musical partnership truly flourished. Despite the physical distance separating them, the pair turned adversity into an opportunity, collaborating remotely to create music that transcends boundaries and brings people together.

Their music is a fusion of the past and present, seamlessly blending the nostalgic rhythms of the 70s and 80s with the cutting-edge production techniques of today. This unique approach has resonated with audiences worldwide, earning MR a dedicated following and critical acclaim.

With MR’s infectious melodies, groovy beats, and a friendship that stands the test of time, this experimental pop-disco duo continues to push the boundaries of music and inspire listeners around the world. As Maxwell Pollock and Robert Rosado continue to evolve and create, their journey promises to be one filled with innovation, creativity, and a deep connection that shines through in their music.

MR, the electrifying musical duo, has summoned a ghostly masterpiece with their original single, “The Creeps,” casting its haunting spell on listeners since its release on October 1st, 2023. As their fourth single, it’s a testament to their evolving musical prowess and creative depth.

Described as a “spooky, rollicking, old-school, 70’s rock-inspired banger,” “The Creeps” is a captivating amalgamation of eerie allure, catchy choruses, lyrical nods to horror, electrifying guitar work, and, of course, a liberal sprinkling of cowbell.

The band’s influences for this track are as eclectic as their sound, drawing inspiration from the likes of Blue Oyster Cult, The Ramones, and The Killers. These iconic bands have left their mark on MR’s music, infusing it with a vintage rock spirit.

The Creeps” was brought to life in the heart of Franklin Township, NJ, and it’s worth noting that MR’s creative process transcends geographical boundaries. Collaborating remotely with their producer and mixer/master, who were both located in Europe, the duo embraced technology to craft their sonic masterpiece.

At its core, “The Creeps” is a love story that unfolds amidst a backdrop of the strange and the uncanny. Lyrics like “Yeah you give me the creeps, not the scary kind but the dark twisted road that I want to”unwind”—reveal a tale of attraction between two souls who find beauty in each other’s peculiarities. The song weaves a tapestry of double entendres and references to horror cinema and literature, making it a lyrical journey through the macabre.


The journey into this eerie soundscape begins with the haunting sound of a tolling bell, setting the stage for what’s to come. Swiftly, the track explodes into a frenzy of energetic instrumentals, vibrant vocals, and an irresistible rhythm, ensuring that every moment of the song is an electrifying, enjoyable experience.

In the words of MR themselves, “As lovers of the horror genre ourselves, we hope everyone will enjoy this song, especially as we immerse ourselves in Halloween and all things spooky.” So, if you’re ready for a musical adventure that blurs the line between the eerie and the entrancing, make sure to check out “The Creeps” by MR—it’s a bewitching journey you won’t want to miss.

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