Peter Spacey releases his new electronic single

Peter Spacey Takes Us on a Vibey Desert Journey with his Warehouse Live Session of ‘Digital Owl'”

Peter Spacey, the musical alter ego of beatmaker, producer, and DJ Omer Luz, is taking the music world by storm with his latest video, a live performance of his song, “Digital Owl.” Set in the remote Negev Desert, the video showcases Peter’s talent for creating galactic beats and trippy visual performances. The song, which is from the album “Carousel,” is a funky electronic instrumental that encompasses lush synthesizers, glitchy samples, and energetic drums.

Peter Spacey is known for his innovative use of technology to create a unique audio-visual experience. As a trained keyboard player, he has a traditional jazz background but has spent years mastering his turntablism and DJ skills. He utilizes frequencies across the wide spectrum, including audible, visible, and even frequencies that vibrate in space and time.

You can find Peter Spacey performing live or DJing at clubs, stages, and festivals, as well as on TV screens and in the film industry as a soundtrack composer. His music has been heavily placed in the film and gaming industries, including companies such as HBO, Porsche, Samsung, Converse, Honda, and Playstation, and has accompanied international major events such as the Zing Music Award, the R6 European League, and Miss Universe.

In 2021, Peter was invited to be a featured artist in a Mitsubishi music video advertisement showcasing their new collection of cars. He recently launched an NFT collection of audio-visual digital works that have been exhibited at various galleries and exhibitions, including Soho House, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The Holy Art Gallery, and Neo-Shibuya in Tokyo.

The music video for “Digital Owl” is a mesmerizing blend of spacey beats and trippy visuals. Directed by Meital Ner, the video takes you on a journey through a dreamy world of industrial visual aesthetics, complete with vibrant, energetic electronic sound. The performance was shot in one take in a warehouse in the Negev Desert, and the electric energy in the air was palpable.

Listen to “Digital Owl” and experience the vibey desert journey for yourself. The video is available on YouTube, and the song can be streamed on various platforms. Get ready to get down with the Digital Owl Warehouse Live Session!

In conclusion, Peter Spacey‘s “Digital Owl” is the perfect addition to any lo-fi or electronic playlist and a testament to his talent for creating a unique audio-visual experience. Stay updated on Peter’s latest projects by visiting his official website.

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