“Love of Your Life” by Robbie Rapids is about finding the love of your life on a second date at a dance club and the excitement that comes with it. The song is a pop-rock dance track that tells the story of romance and fun with driving rhythms, catchy hooks, and Robbie’s calming vocals.

Robbie Rapids is a singer and guitarist hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Born in 1978, he began making music at the age of 16 and has, over the years, mastered his craft by playing in several music projects. Since the age of 16, Atlanta-based artist Robbie Rapids has performed publicly on numerous occasions under various band names, ranging from playing guitar in a high school jazz band to writing original songs. He is best known for fronting a Tom Petty tribute because of the similarity of his voice and musical taste; now he is releasing his own songs. 

Robbie Rapids style of music can be described as Jangly Power Pop Rock. He’s the creative songwriter and lyricist who teamed up with prolific top session musician/producer David Levene (Laghonia) to create a collection that pulls from 4 decades of rock influence (the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s). Their similarity in music taste among artists such as David Bowie, Ian Hunter, Gin Blossoms, The Who, Oasis, Stone Temple Pilots, Remembrants, The Beatles, and Tom Petty, and professionalism, have created true musical works of art. David Levene’s musical journey began at age 16 when he traveled to Peru. It was there in 1968 that he joined the legendary psychedelic rock band “Laghonia.” 

Laghonia is considered by most music experts as one of the best psychedelic rock bands to emerge from South America, which is why it was mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine as among the top rock bands to emerge from that part of the continent. In February 2005, Eclipse magazine (Germany’s version of Rolling Stone magazine) interviewed David Levene after their re-release of CD and vinyl versions of their albums on the German label “World in Sound.” Laghonia’s music is still being played on commercials in England. After two records and touring to support the albums, a young David Levene left the group to return to the US, where he studied recording technology under Dennis Hetzendorfer in the legendary Criteria recording studio, pursued his music career, and gained more experience as a session player and producer. In 1996, David settled in Atlanta, where he is now the owner of Big Sound Productions ATL. In 2019, he was the recipient of an award for his music and production work. 

David Avant
David Avant

Released on November 18, 2022Robbie Rapids is out with a new song titled “Love of Your Life.” This is my first pop-rock song release. It is about returning to a dance club for a second date with a woman believed to be the “Love of Your Life.” I took much great feedback from music curators, and worked with producer to change instruments, production, and mix to help my voice and message of song. “It borders on pop-rock dance,” says Robbie Rapids. Infectious, electric, and delightfully easy-going, Robbie Rapids brings “Love of Your Life” to gleeful life with pomp and party. The tune is an energetic and dance-worthy pop rock track that pays tribute to classic rock and roll with a touch of disco flair. The song’s lyrics tells the story of finding the love of your life on a second date at the club, and the unstoppable energy and excitement that comes with it. With its driving rhythms and catchy hooks, “Love of Your Life” is sure to get you on your feet and dancing along. 

As the track progresses, it changes into something completely different while still keeping the synth-pop rock vibe. The mix of pop, funk, and good old rock and roll is what you will find in Robbie Rapids’ “Love of Your Life.” It’s the perfect song for anyone looking for a little bit of romance and a whole lot of fun. When you find yourself head over heels for someone just after a moment or two with them and are craving that special moment to take it to the next level, this is your ideal getaway. The track is full of catchy melodies, clever guitars, and Robbie’s calming vocals. Rapids’ story-telling ability, as well as his polished songwriting capabilities, are evident in the single. Robbie Rapids has been honing his craft all these years after being in several music projects and is finally ready to go solo and make waves with his music.

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