The song “Radio” by The Lowtones conveys a message about adversity, sadness, and contemplative states through its sharp lyrics and powerful instrumentals. It has a flawless flow and will appeal to listeners even if they are not fans of post-punk or similar genres, and is a powerful and immersive listen.

The Lowtones were formed in Norwich in February 2020, just as the globe went into lockdown, and consist of vocalist Oliver Mavilio, guitarists Jack Abbott and Tim Cary, and drummer George Abbott. They gained traction last year after performing in New York and a sold-out show on BBC Introducing stage at Wildpaths Festival in their native Norwich. Oliver Mavilio went to high school with the Jack Abbott and George Abbott brothers; George Abbott and Tim Cary met while playing football. Over the years, they all played in groups together, mostly for pleasure. Oliver Mavilio studied in Brighton and returned to Norfolk at the beginning of 2020. When he contacted Jack Abbott and George Abbott about resuming their musical collaboration, George knew Tim Cary and enlisted his help.

The band performed at the Chelsea Music Hall in New York in May 2022, and several singles from their debut EP, “Front Row Empty,” have been played on BBC Introducing East Anglia radio. The Lowtones have produced incredibly enjoyable music that manipulates the listener’s emotions. The music features contrasts, with depressing lyrics set against upbeat sounds and rhythms throughout. The band recorded four new songs at North Norfolk’s Brass Monkey Studio, and Tom Joy recorded, mixed, and produced all of the music.

Martin Hendry Press Shots
Martin Hendry Press Shots

Radio,” a tremendously deep and immersive listen, channels the same dark and haunting approach to post-punk sound as Interpol and Editors. With powerful and driven hooks, a soaring atmosphere, and some incredibly impassioned vocals woven throughout, they hope to kick off their 2023 with one of their most gripping releases to date. From the first chords of “Radio,” there’s this larger-than-life sound that the band has been able to create, bringing a true edge to their approach that I haven’t heard before. While the vocals are undoubtedly important to the anthemic atmosphere of this track, it should also be noted that the production and mixing are flawless and the guitar tones are enormous, but for bass fans like us, you’re quickly hooked into the spinning riffs that are downright captivating. It’s been long since something like this sounded so natural on first listen, but this is the sound of a band coming into their own and developing a signature sound.

Lyrically, the song is a touch sharp, as one could anticipate from their prior work. They talk about adversity, sadness, and other contemplative states. Furthermore, “Radio” has an upgraded, refined sound that adheres to all current trends in music creation; all of the vocal harmonies, back vocals, catchy themes, melodies, harmonies, basslines, and drums are audible. Everything sounds fantastic, and you’ll have no trouble picking out even the smallest details in this music. I love how the main theme pairs with all the chord progressions and riffs, and how the bass guitar adds even more strength to the mix with all the carefully built low-end tones. Nothing will sound as energizing without a superb drumming performance adorned with precisely accented rhythmic sequences and drum fills. 

Vera Milena Photography
Vera Milena Photography

Radio” blends razor-sharp guitar riffs, pounding bass lines, meaning-filled lyrics, and gut-punching percussion. As a result, “Radio” has a flawless flow that will appeal to your listening apparatus even if you aren’t a fan of the above-mentioned music genres. It’s one of those songs that you have to hear to fully appreciate.

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