The song “In the Dark of the Evening” by The Art Crimes Band is a soulful track that discusses the impact of isolation on mental health and gives a message of optimism, love, and friendship. With a reggae-rock vibe and elements of gospel, soul, R&B, and blues, the song’s vocal refrain holds the listener’s attention with its calming and cheerful rhythm.

The band’s 2015 debut album, Radio, released on the SUGO Music label, showed a group still looking for its rhythm. But now that they have a fresh studio album and a brand-new single in the works, they have established a strong base in the R&B and soul genres, where they feel totally at home. Alto saxophonist Gary Baus, guitarist Stephen Kirby, drummer Niall Dennehy, vocalist Grace McMahon, bassist Tim O’Leary, and newcomer Katie O’Donnell on piano and keyboards make up the band.

The Art Crimes Band released “In The Dark Of The Evening,” a soulful song, as their first single of 2021 on January 29, 2021, on all major music platforms, and their music video was released on February 8th, 2021. Recorded in 2020, “In The Dark Of The Evening” aims to emulate the late-night soundscapes of the early 1980s L.A. studio “golden era,” which was pioneered by people like Quincy Jones. The song discusses isolation’s impact on mental health, and with a catchy melody and a deep funky rhythm reminiscent of D’AngeloJill Scott, and Stevie Wonder, the song’s lyrics give a message of optimism, love, and friendship.

Each instrument can be heard clearly in the mix thanks to the song’s polished and tidy production. The band’s new and seamless sound palette enhances the song’s overall emotional effect. It’s certain to be a hit with fans of R&B and mainstream music because to its catchy hooks and soulful vocals. The song is the ideal pick for a night out on the town or for getting through a challenging day with a smile on your face because of its cheerful tempo and encouraging message.

Due to the COVID-19 setback, “In The Dark Of The Evening” was recorded in 2020, as previously stated. The band had to push their creative limits and concentrate on releasing their original work in some of the most difficult circumstances musicians have faced in recent memory, but their incredible perseverance in producing this work has revealed The Art Crimes Band’s musicianship, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.

In addition to the excellent songwriting, outstanding performance, and first-rate production, “In The Dark Of The Evening” also has a music video on The Art Crimes Band‘s VEVO that is just a joy to watch, where you can see these extraordinarily talented musicians’ cheerfully flowing performance in this jiving tune.

With its rich rhythm and bass grooves, heartfelt vocal melodies, melting keyboard jazz chords, creamy-smooth guitar licks, and a calming sax solo to round it all off, “In The Dark Of The Evening” is just too beautiful in every way! The song’s vocal performance is romantically sweet and has a chill, late-night vibe. The lyrics are so alluring and vivid that it would be impossible for listeners’ minds to stay focused on the music.

The song’s main vocal refrain has elements of gospel, soul, R&B, and the blues in it. Less than three minutes long, the music holds your attention the entire time. With a reggae-rock vibe at its core, the song has elements that are reminiscent of The Police. Overall, The Art Crimes Band’s powerful and memorable track “In the Dark of the Evening” demonstrates their skill and flexibility.

In the Dark of the Evening” is a real song with top-notch musicians all throughout the track. This is a tranquil haven from the depressing and dismal world that cries out to be made happy once more and This type of music undoubtedly keeps anxiety at bay while maintaining a positive mindset. So, I urge you to include this in your playlist.

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