Shanay Morant Releases Her Latest Contemporary pop R&B Gold

The song “Gold” by Shanay Morant and Russ Greezy is about living life to the fullest while being your best self. It also discusses reaching all of your objectives and evolving into the person you’ve always envisioned.

Shanay Morant is a multi-talented R&B and Neo-Soul artist from New York City who is making a name for herself on the stages of Los Angeles. She began her musical journey in 2020 and, to name a few venues, has played at the Federal Bar and the Viper Room in Los Angeles. She recently gave a performance at the Sugar Bar in New York City, and Anita Baker, Pharrell Williams, and Michael Jackson are some of her musical influences. After graduating from the American Musical Dramatic Academy, Shanay Morant, who has experience in musical theatre, made appearances in a number of short films and web series. She has been developing her acting voice over the years and is now prepared to share it with the world. Follow Shanay as she makes her way from coast to coast, captivating her audience with her upbeat music and relatable lyrics.

Shanay Morant and Russ Greezy open their collaborative single “Gold,” which was released on January 1st, 2023, with vocal ad-libs and a luscious pop-R&B vocal, setting the mood with glistening keys, rippling drums, and woodblock detailing. This song, which was recorded at Golden Impala Studios in Los Angeles, is about being your best self and having the time of your life. It also talks about achieving all your goals and becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

The combination of Shanay Morant and Russ Greezy’s voices, along with the evocative prose, captures our attention right away. Both singers have a distinctive timbre and a mesmerizing tone, and the architectural synthesizer landscape they are using is cohesively designed. It’s impossible to miss this fleeting duo that made us want to run to the closest dance floor and enjoy the song “Gold,” which has a sound that reminds us of the best R&B from the 2000s with a touch of current and RussGreezy’s flow of rap that comes to finish us right there with this infectious musicality and this subtle groove.

We can also discuss the musical production behind the song “Gold,” a type of banger that sticks to your ears through your heart, in addition to the two artists with undeniable talent. It took an eternity to finish this song. It’s a blessing that they were able to finish this project because there were many setbacks. After the song was already finished, Shanay Morant had the idea for the title.

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