“While My Guitar Gently Beeps” by SpünDay is a critique of the music industry’s lack of innovation and repetition, and the band showcases their mastery of production and dynamic structure in an attempt to break away from the norm. The song is an aggressive, raw, and playful commentary on the industry’s tendencies to rehash the same music and shy away from taking risks.

Spünday is a post-punk, noise-rock band from Tony Pandy, comprised of Paul (vocals and guitar), Daf (bass), and Matthew (drums). Melt Banana and a vivid imagination are the band’s main influences. PaulDaf, and Matthew decided to form SpünDay after seeing a Melt Banana show in Cardiff, and they haven’t looked back since. The band began releasing music in 2020, so they are not minnows in a shark-infested sonic pool; however, the innocence in their tracks adds a rawness to their flavor.

The band’s most recent single, “While My Guitar Gently Beeps,” was released on January 12th, 2023, and comes after their song “Omni Nuisance.” With the guitars and vocals recorded at The Loft Studios in Tonypandy and produced by Set Phasers to Scunge, the bass and drums were recorded at Louder Studios in Newport. SpünDay’s “While My Guitar Gently Beeps” is a very ferociously aggressive song. It demonstrates their attitude and distinctive personality in terms of writing, production, and delivery. It is truly amazing how they maintained this relentless momentum throughout all the heavy and melodic shifts without slouching or running out of energy.

One of the fiercest and most aggressive songs I’ve ever heard is “While my guitar gently beeps.” In the best way possible, it is unrefined, explosive, and raw. When SpünDay is finished, you’re not sure what just hit you because they pull out all the stops on the track, which has been compared to “a chainsaw fight in a shopping trolley.” Crazy-pounding drums, fat, groovy bass lines, and quick roller-coaster riffs all come together in a purposefully chaotic structure that keeps you interested until the very end. Over its influential, multi-layered writing and incredibly dynamic structure, it has a layer of general playfulness. It even experiences a significant energy boost following the brilliant “Black Strat auction” interlude. After that brief interlude, SpünDay delivered the raw aggression that was sorely needed and marked the beginning of the song’s dynamic eruption. The smooth and seamless way they steered toward the mellow, groovy outro was a little unexpected but even more impressive.

The transition from a loud punk rock tone to a softer hard rock one near the end and the auction in the middle of “While My Guitar Gently Beeps” are what intrigue me about the song. The song offers a much-needed diversion from the majority of the industry’s safe and mainstream sounds. The delicious punk rock song alternates between hardcore and calming at various points, blending moments of pure melodic bliss with more abrasive “shock and awe” sections.

While my guitar gently beeps” is a biting critique of the music business establishment’s laziness, unwillingness to take chances with new music out of concern for upsetting the shareholders, and constant re-issuing and repackaging of the same music. Regardless of whether you work in the music industry or are just a casual listener, you should be able to understand this sentiment. Without any real innovation or breaking of new ground, it really does feel like we keep hearing a rehash, recycling, or the same mixes over and over again. This four-minute song by SpünDay really creates a “look at me” moment as it tries to grab your attention, demonstrate its mastery of production, and somehow forge a new path for itself. While some people will adore it and others may find it confusing, we can confidently say that we were convinced of its greatness after just one listen.

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