Repeat Releases Sonic Explosion: Unveiling The Raw Essence Of “You Would Know”

Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Stockholm, Repeat is a stoner rock/alternative rock ensemble that defies convention. Co-founded by Torbjörn Hallberg and Johan Holmberg, the roots of Repeat trace back to their shared musical passion forged during their high school years. Having previously played in diverse local punk, ska, and rock bands, their artistic journey naturally evolved, culminating in the formation of Repeat.

The moniker “Repeat” is not just a label but a proclamation of their musical ethos. It encapsulates their exploration of repetitive elements within their compositions, intending to craft a sonic experience that unravels new layers with each iteration. The name serves as an invitation to embrace the beauty within the familiar, highlighting the band’s commitment to forging a unique identity through their repetitive riffs and lyrics.

With a history dating back to early high school days, Torbjörn and Johan’s musical trajectories converged in a mutual appreciation for punk’s energy, ska’s groove, and rock’s timeless allure. The decision in 2023 to immortalize their recent tracks in the debut album “Repeat” marked a pivotal moment. The inclusion of bass player Mattias Belin added depth to their musical conversations. Recorded at Sickan Studios overlooking an abandoned railway yard, the album, under the meticulous hands of Joakim Lindberg and Magnus Lindberg, embraced the band’s preference for short, explosive compositions. The release of their debut album on October 6th, 2023, catapulted Repeat onto the global stage, leaving an enduring mark on the stoner and alternative rock landscape.


Released on October 6th, 2023, “You Would Know” by Repeat is a musical journey that feels like an explosion of dynamite in every note. From the very beginning, the energetic drumming sets the stage, igniting a rhythmic inferno that resonates deep within me. The guitar sound is nothing short of a revelation – a relentless cascade of riffs and solos that mirrors the fiery intensity of a rock revolution, grabbing hold of my senses and refusing to let go.

As the lead singer’s gritty vocals kick in, injecting the lyrics with a rebellious fervor, I find myself transported into a sonic rebellion. Each word becomes a sonic weapon, demanding my attention and leaving an indelible mark on my musical soul. The brevity of the song only enhances its impact – there’s no room for subtlety here; it’s a concise explosion of rock essence that speaks directly to the core of my musical preferences.

Delving into the thematic expression of “You Would Know,” the lyrics revolve around the weight of silent struggles and the isolating journey of making decisions veiled in ambiguity. Lines like “Making all the wrong decisions but no one knows” encapsulate the essence of internal conflict, resonating with the silent battles I, and perhaps we all, face while navigating life’s complexities. The ambiguity in the narrative leaves room for interpretation, inviting me to reflect on the unspoken struggles hidden behind a façade of perceived normalcy.

The chorus acts as a rallying cry, echoing a sentiment that resonates with anyone familiar with the untamed energy of rock music. “You would know,” the anthem declares, capturing the rebellious spirit of the genre and fostering a connection with my own experiences. The instrumental bridge takes me on a journey, a guitar and drum duet that feels like a lightning strike, electrifying the entire composition and adding layers of depth to the sonic landscape.

The sheer intensity and fire buried in the instrumentation genuinely differentiates this track. The drumming is more than just a beat; it’s a heartbeat driving the song onward with unwavering ferocity. The guitar work, a tour de force of dazzling riffs and blistering solos, raises the entire composition to a euphoric degree of musical bliss.

The interaction of these musical sounds creates a dynamic and explosive mood that reverberates throughout the entire track, immersing me in a powerful and cathartic auditory hug. As “You Would Know” comes to a close, I’m left with a lingering sense of elation, as if I’ve just been on a sonic rollercoaster that has left a permanent imprint on my musical taste.

“You Would Know” by Repeat is a visceral, rebellious, and emotional musical voyage that speaks to the essence of my love for rock music. The band’s ability to combine repeating riffs with compelling lyrics and dynamic musicianship creates a lasting and captivating auditory experience. This single is a must-listen for anyone who enjoy the raw energy of stoner and alternative rock, an anthem that calls me to embrace the explosive essence of Repeat’s unique musical journey.

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