Sometimes Julie’s “Seven Wishes”: A Harmonious Fusion of Rock Roots and Musical Brilliance

In the heart of San Diego, a harmonious musical journey takes shape, orchestrated by the captivating duo of Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker – the creative minds steering Sometimes Julie. Established in 2014, the band’s name, a fascinating blend of words, reflects the spontaneity and unpredictability that define their unique sound.

Sometimes Julie asserted itself as a musical presence with the well-received debut, “Head First,” in 2014, laying the groundwork steeped in rock roots. Subsequent albums, including “Bright Side of the Line” (2016), “Breaking” (2018), and the San Diego Music Award-nominated “Where Are You?” (2020), showcased their evolution into a versatile musical entity.

Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker, the dynamic duo at the core, bring a wealth of experience and passion to their artistry. Monica’s soulful vocals serve as a guiding presence, complemented by Rick’s intricate guitar work, forming a sonic canvas that transcends genres. Their collaboration crafts a musical experience that is not only captivating but also profoundly authentic.


On the radiant evening of December 31st, 2023, Sometimes Julie revealed their fifth and most recent masterpiece – “Seven Wishes.” This album is more than just a collection of songs; it is a monument to their artistic brilliance, bringing us on a fascinating trip through the kaleidoscope of human emotions. This musical voyage emerges from the essence of San Diego, gently inviting listeners into a world where the genres of rock, pop, country, and blues fluidly join together, making a wonderfully woven tapestry of harmony.

Seven Wishes Album Track List:

Wishes On The Wild Side:
Diving into the enthralling world of “Wishes On The Wild Side,” the opening track from Sometimes Julie’s album “Seven Wishes,” I was met with an electric and energetic force that set the tone for the entire musical journey. The eclectic sounds of the electric guitar blended seamlessly with resonant tones, creating a captivating backdrop. As the dynamic beat of the drum introduced itself, accompanied by low-sounding synths gracefully moving through the background, I felt the rhythm release its infectious energy. Monica Sorenson’s captivating vocals entered the scene at the 0:14 timestamp, delivering the lyrics with finesse and style. The song maintained its vibrant and energetic rhythm from start to finish, enveloping me in a truly immersive musical experience.
Thematically, “Wish On The Wild Side” explores the essence of embracing the present moment and venturing into life’s uncharted and unpredictable territories. The lyrics serve as a powerful encouragement not to let any moment slip away, urging listeners to seize opportunities and take risks. The phrase “Don’t leave a moment behind” resonates, emphasizing the significance of cherishing every instant. “Wish on the wild side” suggests a profound desire for adventure and the pursuit of dreams beyond the ordinary, encapsulating the spirit of finding joy in the untamed aspects of life. It emerges as a poignant anthem for those seeking spontaneity and excitement in their journey.
A standout feature in this track is the extraordinary guitar skills of Rick Walker from Sometimes Julie. His mastery with the strings is nothing short of super insane. The pinnacle of this musical prowess occurs between the 2:11 and 2:25 timestamp, showcasing not a crazy riff but a gentle strumming that seamlessly fits into the rock energy of the song. Walker’s skill left an indelible impression, sweeping me off my feet and emphasizing the genuine brilliance he brings to the composition. “Wishes On The Wild Side” is not just a song; it’s a testament to the exceptional talent within Sometimes Julie, making this track a highlight of the “Seven Wishes” album.

If I Said:
Embarking on the enchanting journey within Sometimes Julie’s “If I Said,” nestled as the third gem within the album “Seven Wishes,” I found myself captivated by a mood entirely its own. This song doesn’t just offer melodies for the ears; it reaches deep within, touching the spirit. As the rhythmic beats of the drum established a cool and groovy foundation, I found myself closing my eyes, a smile forming on my face, and my head bopping to the captivating rhythm. The song took an unconventional start, introducing a building ethereal sound and, at the 0:05 timestamp, unleashing expressive and melodic riffs from the lead guitar that felt like a voice of its own. The bass guitar joined the composition, adding a deep and resonant quality that sent vibrations down to the bones. Monica Sorenson’s angelic vocals, heard once again at the 0:20 timestamp, carried the lyrics with purity and elegance, maintaining a fairytale-like tempo and rhythm throughout, creating a truly captivating and enthralling experience.
Exploring the intricate layers of “If I Said,” the lyrical theme delves into the nuanced complexities of expressing emotions and the vulnerability that accompanies such endeavors. The lyrics navigate the uncertainty of confessing love, articulating a fear of potential rejection. Lines like “If I said I love you, if I mean I need you” convey a poignant struggle with authenticity, highlighting the challenge of expressing profound emotions. The mention of crying and the fear of being ridiculed for admitting dependence reflect the hesitancy and fragility of the speaker’s emotional state. The phrase “If I let my silence do the talking” adds depth, suggesting that silence may hold more weight than words, leaving listeners to ponder the unspoken sentiments. In essence, the song captures the intricate dance of love, vulnerability, and the nuanced nature of communication.
What elevates this track to unparalleled heights is its extraordinary instrumentation. The arrangement creates the perfect wave, as if born solely for this track, seamlessly carrying the lyrics and vocals with refinement and dexterity. Yet, it’s impossible to conclude without a nod to the awe-inspiring guitar riffs courtesy of Rick Walker. Countless moments in the song left me utterly blown away, and no timestamp could truly do justice to the sublime experience – you must listen to “If I Said” to grasp its entirety and immerse yourself in the musical brilliance.

Don’t Take What’s Not Yours:
In the mesmerizing tapestry of Sometimes Julie’s album “Seven Wishes,” the fifth track, “Don’t Take What’s Not Yours,” stands out as a lyrical anthem of self-empowerment, resilience, and the vital embrace of personal boundaries. The song weaves a narrative that encourages listeners to embrace the uplifting qualities of life, symbolized by starlight, and stand tall, acknowledging their inherent brilliance. The impactful lines, “Give up heartbreak’s hold on your forever, Put it in the box marked open never,” deliver a powerful message, urging the release of past pain’s grip and advocating for a path of emotional liberation. “Don’t take what’s not yours,” the repeated theme, acts as a sobering reminder, highlighting the need of respecting boundaries – both in terms of emotional well-being and personal assets. “Don’t Take What’s Not Yours” becomes a guiding force for a thoughtful and powerful approach to life, emphasizing the need of self-love and protecting one’s emotional space.
Unapologetically, I boldly assert that the standout feature of this song lies in its exceptional composition. This musical masterpiece is crafted with skill, mastery, eloquence, and elegance, demonstrating finesse at every turn. Picture the opening moments: soft drum rhythms set the stage, followed by the deep and resonant tones of the bass guitar, adding a layer of profound intensity to the composition. Then, the guitar enters with regal style, akin to a king entering his throne room, graced with elegance. Soon after, the caramel sweet vocals of Monica Sorenson from Sometimes Julie enter, carrying the lyrics with fluency and sophistication. “Don’t Take What’s Not Yours” undergoes dynamic sound changes while maintaining a captivating rhythm throughout. However, what nearly drove me to madness were the incomprehensibly brilliant guitar riffs of Rick Walker. It wasn’t just once, twice, or thrice – I found myself unable to contain my excitement after continuously experiencing the insanity of those riffs. Sometimes Julie emerges as a combination of artists who truly understand their craft, creating melodies that transcend the boundaries of comprehension.
In the grand musical landscape of “Seven Wishes,” “Don’t Take What’s Not Yours” isn’t merely a song; it’s a testament to the prowess of Sometimes Julie, a force that knows how to blend artistry and skill to create melodies that reach beyond the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on those who dare to listen.

Fool’s Wish:
As I reluctantly reach the end of the beautifully crafted musical journey within Sometimes Julie’s album “Seven Wishes,” the concluding track, “Fool’s Wish,” unveils itself with a distinct style, offering a different feel and rhythm. This song feels like a seamless blend of various music genres, taking me on a dynamic sonic adventure. Initially, I found myself immersed in a world reminiscent of salsa, driven by enticing drum beats that compelled my body to move. The beat harmoniously intertwined with the sounds of the bass and lead guitar, adding a modern touch to the existing salsa-like atmosphere. However, at the 0:27 timestamp, the drum beats underwent a complete transformation, shedding the salsa-like feeling and introducing a new dimension to the composition. This alternating dance between the salsa-like vibe and a different musical style created a transcendent sound, a marvel to experience. Amidst these shifts, Monica Sorenson’s crisp and soulful vocals acted as a guiding light, riding the waves and transitions with breathtaking finesse.
In the lyrical realm of “Fool’s Wish” by Sometimes Julie, the theme orbits around the yearning for seemingly unattainable desires and the tenacious grasp of hope against all odds. The lyrics paint a portrait of longing and desperation, as the speaker expresses the need for a miracle to fulfill a fool’s wish. The mention of a movie, where the hero lives, introduces a layer of nostalgia and escapism, suggesting a desire for a happy ending even in the face of perceived impossibility. The repeated refrain, “It’s a fool’s wish,” encapsulates the bittersweet essence of chasing dreams that may appear unrealistic. Overall, the song delves into the intricate complexity of aspirations, merging a touch of whimsy with the harsh reality of uncertainty.
What sets this final track apart from the others is its dynamic instrumentation and recurring shifts, making it a standout gem within the album. The song’s ability to seamlessly navigate through different musical styles, coupled with its poignant lyrical exploration, positions “Fool’s Wish” as a track to be reckoned with – a fitting conclusion to the enchanting odyssey presented by Sometimes Julie in “Seven Wishes.” As the last notes linger, the song leaves an indelible mark, inviting reflection on the ephemeral nature of dreams and the courage it takes to chase them.

For listeners seeking an album that effortlessly blends rock roots with pop, country, and blues influences, “Seven Wishes” beckons as a musical odyssey worth embarking upon. The thematic richness, coupled with the dynamic instrumentation and standout vocals, elevates this album into a realm of musical brilliance. Whether one craves the energetic rhythms of “If I Said” or the empowering message in “Don’t Take What’s Not Yours,” each song contributes to a cohesive yet diverse narrative. “Seven Wishes” is more than a collection of songs; it’s an exploration of human emotions, aspirations, and the beautiful complexities of life.

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