Rich G Unleashes A Resilient And Insightful Album

“Get Rich Quick” is a dynamic and introspective debut album by Rich G that transcends traditional hip-hop boundaries. It delves deep into Rich G’s personal and musical journey, seamlessly blending themes of self-improvement, financial wisdom, and industry critique. As the album introduces Rich G to the world, it leaves an indelible mark, promising a bright future in the hip-hop scene”.

Rich G, from New York City, is an artist and entrepreneur who has left an indelible mark on the world of music and entertainment. Born with a passion for self-improvement, achievements, positivity, and success, Rich G embarked on a remarkable journey to bring his vision to life. He is the visionary behind the creation of Augmented, a multifaceted company that transcends the boundaries of entertainment, apparel, and action sports.

Rich G’s musical journey began when he teamed up with in-house hip hop and EDM producer Suspenceful, forging a creative partnership that would change the landscape of music. Together, they founded the record label Augmented, which also serves as the home to the talented artist Oddsmokee. Augmented stands as a testament to their dedication to encompassing all aspects of lifestyle, seamlessly merging entertainment with fashion and action sports.

As the driving force behind Augmented, Rich G brings his lyrical prowess to the forefront as a rapper, while Suspenceful serves as the mastermind behind the music production. Their synergy and musical chemistry are the result of a decade-long friendship, a bond that was solidified by their shared love for creating music.

Rich G draw inspiration from a diverse range of artists and genres, a fact that reflects his musical tastes. Influences such as King Los, Royce Da 59, Immortal Technique, Chris Webby, Mac Miller, Conway The Machine, Westside Gunn, Tyler The Creator, J. Cole, Russ, Green Day, The Alchemist, and Hopsin have all played a part in shaping their artistic vision.

Beyond their musical endeavors, Augmented is not just a label but a lifestyle and entertainment company with a holistic approach to creativity. Rich G and Suspenceful have expanded their horizons by venturing into clothing and music creation software. The imminent launch of this software promises to revolutionize music production. Those eager to explore their innovative music software can gain early access through

Get Rich Quick” is the debut project by the talented artist Rich G, produced entirely by the creative genius, Suspenceful. This album is a compelling showcase of Rich G’s lyrical prowess, emphasizing wordplay and the art of storytelling over gritty boom-bap beats crafted by Suspenceful himself. Released on July 1st, 2023, this album introduces Rich G to the world and leaves an indelible mark on the hip-hop scene.

The title “Get Rich Quick” cleverly plays on the popular notion of rapidly accumulating wealth, but it holds a deeper meaning within the context of the album. While serving as a quick introduction to Rich G’s artistry, the album also acts as a concise yet impactful collection of financial wisdom and insights.

Throughout the project, listeners will find a wealth of financial tips and discussions on money-making topics. Rich G shares his personal journey, taking the audience from a state of financial struggle to one of prosperity, offering a glimpse into his transformation from poverty to financial stability.

Get Rich Quick Album Track list:

Pro Grammar
Still Moving
Money Soldiers
Sentimental (Freestyle)

Pro Grammar:
“Pro Grammar”
serves as the captivating opening track on Rich G’s debut studio album, “Get Rich Quick.” This introductory song plays a pivotal role in setting the stage for the listener, offering a glimpse into Rich G’s journey from various professions to his eventual immersion in the world of music.

As the first track on “Get Rich Quick”, “Pro Grammar” plays a crucial role in laying the foundation for the entire album. It invites listeners to join Rich G on his journey, providing context for the subsequent songs. Through this track, Rich G showcases his storytelling abilities and sets the tone for the themes of growth, professionalism, and musical ambition that will unfold throughout the album.
Pro Grammar” is an artistic statement, an invitation to explore the multifaceted journey of Rich G. It offers a taste of the lyrical depth and thematic richness that listeners can expect from the rest of the album, making it an essential starting point for the musical adventure that awaits.

offers listeners a fascinating glimpse into Rich G’s current state of mind and life. This song explores themes of self-confidence, wisdom, and the intricate web of connections in his world.
The title “Sycophants” hints at a central theme of the song, which appears to revolve around the concept of people who flatter or follow blindly. Rich G’s lyrics in this track, particularly the lines “I only say shit once even though my wisdom worth repeating, I’m a winner, your primary traits that you self-defeating”, highlight his self-assuredness and the depth of his experiences.

Sycophants” incorporates a musical composition that complements the lyrical content. The instrumental reflect a mix of confidence and introspection, creating a backdrop that enhances the song’s overall message. Rich G’s delivery is both assertive and contemplative, allowing listeners to connect with the layers of meaning in his lyrics. Through his lyrics, he conveys a message of self-assuredness and wisdom, emphasizing the value of recognizing one’s worth.

“Geekin’ ”
is a poignant and introspective track on this album, In this song, Rich G offers listeners a vivid snapshot of his high school years, a time when he found himself caught in the challenging circumstances of dealing drugs to make ends meet.
Through his lyrics, Rich G provides a raw and unfiltered account of the challenges he faced, using his experiences to shed light on a darker chapter of his past. The lyric, “High-quality product so always charged a premium, Never shorted so pockets inflated like filled up with helium, Always down to miss class to make a sale, My hustle opposite of my grades, it never failed,” offers a poignant glimpse into the juxtaposition of his drug-dealing hustle and academic struggles.

Geekin’” is a standout track on “Get Rich Quick” because it not only showcases Rich G’s lyrical storytelling prowess but also provides a window into the artist’s personal growth and transformation. By sharing his high school experiences, Rich G connects with listeners on a deeper level, offering a message of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Sentimental (Freestyle);
“Sentimental (Freestyle)”
is a gripping and foreboding track that takes direct aim at the music industry, also standing as the closing track of the album. It serves as a passionate freestyle where Rich G candidly expresses his thoughts and observations about the industry’s dynamics and the challenges faced by artists. This track holds significant weight on “Get Rich Quick” because it addresses the complexities and challenges faced by artists in the music industry. Rich G uses his lyrical skills to offer a critique of the industry’s superficiality and the struggle for authenticity. He also hints at the inevitable rise of his own career and the potential regret that the industry may feel for not recognizing his talent earlier.

Sentimental (Freestyle)” showcases Rich G’s ability to use his music not only for self-expression but also to comment on the broader industry landscape. It’s a powerful addition to the album, providing listeners with a glimpse of the artist’s determination and his willingness to confront the industry head-on.

Get Rich Quick” is an album that not only showcases Rich G’s exceptional talent, but also serves as a captivating narrative of his personal and musical journey. The album’s clever interplay of themes, from financial wisdom to industry critique, adds depth to the lyrical content. Rich G’s skillful wordplay and storytelling abilities shine throughout, while Suspenceful’s production provides a fitting backdrop that pays homage to the golden era of hip-hop. “Get Rich Quick” is a statement of purpose and a promise of great things to come in Rich G’s career. With this album, he establishes himself as an artist with a unique voice and a powerful message, leaving listeners eager to hear what he has in store for the future.

Also, “Get Rich Quick” a testament to Rich G’s journey, his commitment to financial wisdom, and his remarkable lyrical abilities. This debut studio album promises to captivate listeners with its thought-provoking content and the sheer skill demonstrated by Rich G and Suspenceful, leaving an indelible mark on the hip-hop landscape. Go check out this album.

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