DJ Remo is a Polish producer and a lifelong lover of dance music. He has made a name for himself in the global EDM scene with his unique brand of electronic music, he is known for his energetic performances and high-profile collaborations. DJ Remo has built a devoted fan base across Europe, and his performances are known across different countries in the EU. DJ Remo’s influence continues to grow with over 130,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and his latest releases reflect his dedication to creating positive and energetic vibes through music. DJ Remo’s ability to blend genres and experiment with new sounds shows that he remains a formidable force in the EDM music scene and his tracks are highly energetic, danceable, and resonate deeply with listeners. “Rules” by DJ Remo and Ada is a true representation of the fine-crafted qualities mentioned I mentioned above.

“Rules” released in June 2024 is an electronic pop song that combines punchy drums, snares, and electronic keys with remarkable and angelic vocals from Ada, both DJ Remo and Ada created a compelling, energetic and emotional track, that gets the listener dancing while being introspective at the same time. Visually, the song begins with what seems to be a person dressed in a pristine white motorcyclist costume and as he mounts his white motorcycle, puts his helmet on and sets off, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation in the mind of the viewer for what is to comes next. Musically, the “Rules” starts off with an electronic vox layered over electronic keys this moment showcases DJ Remo’s skill in his craft, as Ada’s voice soon accompanies the instrumentals delivering an energetic powerful, and emotional melody that immediately draws the listener in.

DJ Remo feat Ada

Ada sings lines like “I should know but it’s but it’s waiting nice, I should know but we do it right, I know we shouldn’t but you but you put me under, I know we shouldn’t but you keep me wondering, I should have known but you fooled me twice, I should know but my eyes on the prize,” after which the music build up to an explosive chorus when Ada confidently sings ” Play by the rules na na, na play by the rules na na, na play by the rules”  she sings the chorus repeatedly in a way that is easily memorable and catchy. DJ Remo’s production and DJ skills shine as he intricately weaves the snare and the punchy drums to create an atmosphere that is highly energetic and danceable.

Ada’s performance in the music video adds an extra depth to the song as she dances choreography with her friends, the sight of this is absolutely stunning and it enhances the overall powerful and energetic nature of the song. To crown it all Ada’s voice adds to the emotional layers of the song complimenting the dynamic rhythm created by the DJ Remo’s drums.

Lyrically, Ada advises listeners to keep their eyes on the prize and win even if they are not playing by the rules. This message combined with her ability to make it catchy and memorable shows her lyrical prowess, versatility, and deep understanding of her craft. There were so many moments in the song that really stood out and to keep it minimal I’ll name a few, At the 1:02 mark the punchy drums and the electronic keys maintain the song’s high energy, making it impossible for the listener not to dance to the beats. The 1:15 mark is also particularly noteworthy, with the return of the electronic vox adding another layer of vibrancy to the track. Thematically, “Rules” is a song of resilience and positivity as it encourages listeners to attain their goals and dreams at whatever cost even if it means defying the norms in today’s society.

In the second verse, Ada keeps the energy even higher with more intense dancing, and DJ Remo’s electronic keys add more dynamic layers, particularly around the 1:41 mark. One of the most striking and memorable moments for me kicks off at the 2:21 mark when the punchy drums become quiet and Ada’s emotional voice takes center stage. Visually around this moment, you can see Ada walking slowly and seductively with fellow ladies and this is accompanied by the electronic rhythm infused by DJ Remo. As Ada sings her final words taking the track to its final crescendo it leaves the listeners in a world of introspection and positivity while the powerful melody and rhythm of DJ Remo keep the listener’s heart racing till it gently fades away.

“Rules” by DJ Remo, is a beautiful combination of electronic pop, engaging visuals, and powerful vocals, and Ada’s performance was impeccable and stunning both visually and vocally. DJ Remo’s production quality and skill are top-notch as he created a vibrant and danceable atmosphere throughout the song. This masterpiece allows listeners to reflect on its message while enjoying its infectious energy and I absolutely enjoyed this track from start to finish. it’s truly an exhilarating experience you won’t want to miss out on, so if you haven’t listened to “Rules” already, I suggest you do so. It is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify so be sure to add it to your playlist, I promise you won’t regret it at all.

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