Shannon Hawley, a singer and storyteller, honors the unappreciated labor of women who provide for others in her musical memoir, “Starthrowers.” The album examines the importance of human connection, transgenerational trauma, and resiliency.

Shannon Hawley, a singer, healer, and storyteller, is from Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Her most recent album, “Starthrowers,” which came out on March 24, 2023, is a musical memoir that celebrates mothers and other women who carry out the unseen, underappreciated work of taking care of others. She makes no attempt to replicate the sound of another artist, but her music has the same profundity and infectious quality as Springsteen’s best work. It’s a solid album with songs that can electrify a small venue or fill a stadium with vigor.

“Starthrowers” is a project that took Shannon Hawley and EDM musician NekterGun eight years to complete. Her distinctive vocal style and folk-roots storytelling, along with the synth layers, give this hybrid a sometimes-anthemic, always-cinematic, and oddly-seemingly-intimate sound that easily pierces the heart. Her songwriting has drawn comparisons to Florence and the MachineKate Bush, and Fiona Apple due to its New Jersey Springsteen-like origins.

Shannon Hawley consistently tackles challenging subjects in her writing, and “Starthrowers” is no exception. This seven-year-old collection of songs and personal essays addresses the breadth of women’s struggles, the unappreciated work of caring for others, and the occasionally improbable chances of survival in a harsh world.

“Starthrowers” Tracklist: 

· Starthrowers 

· Our History 

· Mercy 

· Bones, Blood, Saltwater and Song 

· Lights In Holland 

· Riverine 

· Aunt Honey

· Love Warriors 

· Radium Girls

· Walk Each Other Home 

The title track, “Starthrowers,” which opens the EP, is significant both musically and lyrically; the listener can expect a thorough exploration of Shannon Hawley’s creative world. She is first and foremost a visionary, a warrior for justice, and a person who has a close connection to nature’s regenerative power. “The door is always open, the door is always broken, but I will fix it anyway” are the first lyrics in the song. These are strong words that convey a lot of meaning. They talk about how resilient the human spirit is and how we must be willing to keep going forward in the face of challenges. Shannon continues the song by talking about the anguish of losing a loved one as well as the hope that comes from knowing that everything will turn out okay. Her voice blends beautifully with the acoustic guitar and percussion drums, resulting in a stunning harmony that will inspire listeners.

In contrast to “Mercy,” which examines the pain experienced when a parent of young children passes away suddenly, “Our History” explores the nature of transgenerational trauma and healing through epigenetics. Shannon Hawley’s father passed away from brain cancer at age 42 in his home in Point Pleasant, and her paternal grandmother passed away at the age of 24 on Belmar Beach. 

Another notable track is “Riverine.” The tune pays a lovely homage to the river that runs through Shannon’s hometown. She sings about the things the river taught her and how it molded who she is today. The track combines jazz and modern music, and the percussion, trumpets, and piano produce a lively and upbeat atmosphere that will get listeners moving. 

One of my favorite songs is “Lights In Holland,” a fast-paced rock song that captured my interest from beginning to end. 

The album’s tenth song, “Walk Each Other Home,” which is also lovely and exquisite, unites everything in a reverence for nature, which upholds and supports us despite our flaws as humans. Sincere to say, all of the songs are excellent. This excellent album is perfectly concluded by the lovely and uplifting song “Walk Each Other Home.” The song emphasizes the value of optimism and the strength of human connection. Shannon sings about the joy of experiencing life’s highs and lows with a special someone and how that connection can support us as we face difficulties. Electric key melodies and the slow, steady percussion combine with Shannon’s lyrics to create a stunning and uplifting sound.

This entire musical experience showcases Shannon Hawley’s superb eclecticism. She was able to put all the components of “Starthrowers'” fantastic composition together.

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