Sonic Reverie: Exploring Gli Incubi Di Freud’s “Diastole” EP

In the picturesque landscapes of Ripe San Ginesio, Italy, a musical odyssey unfolds under the guise of Gli Incubi Di Freud. Led by the visionary Joshua McFarrow, this eclectic ensemble of musicians transcends traditional boundaries to deliver a sonic experience like no other. The genesis of Gli Incubi Di Freud can be traced back to Joshua’s introspective journey through the corridors of music and psychology. As the creative force behind the band, Joshua serves as the conduit through which raw emotion and existential inquiry find expression.

His lyrical prowess and musical ingenuity serve as pillars upon which Gli Incubi Di Freud’s sonic tapestry is woven. Joining Joshua on this transcendental voyage are Alessandro Camela on drums, Andrea “K” Piermarteri on rhythm guitar, and Massimiliano Camela on lead guitar. Together, they form the backbone of Gli Incubi Di Freud, infusing each composition with a unique blend of passion, precision, and poetry. With influences ranging from nu-metal to progressive rock.

Gli Incubi Di Freud defy categorization, traversing sonic landscapes with a sense of fearless exploration. Their music is a reflection of the human experience, portraying the intricacies of life with steadfast conviction and unflinching honesty. Gli Incubi Di Freud become leaders in the alternative rock scene with each note they play, defying expectations and pushing boundaries because of their unwavering dedication to honesty and artistic integrity.


Dive into the depths of emotional re-education and social denunciation with “Diastole,” the original EP by Gli Incubi Di Freud. Released on January 26th, 2024, this musical gem is a journey through nu-metal references, pop-rock winks, and progressive rock explorations. Led by Joshua McFarrow, the EP resonates with themes of fluctuating feelings and societal critique, culminating in a psychedelic interstellar voyage aboard spacious synths.

Diastole EP Track List:

Leader Carismatico:
“Leader Carismatico,” the opening track of Gli Incubi Di Freud’s EP “Diastole,” serves as a gateway to an unparalleled musical journey. The song starts, and I’m immediately caught in a vortex of mystery and passion. With every second that goes by, the unsettling noises that creep out in the background set the mood for what’s to come. As the electrifying strumming of the guitar enters the fray, I am immediately captivated by the sheer energy of the composition. Upon hitting the 0:07 timestamp, the song erupts with an electrifying fervor, driven by the pulsating beats of the drums. This initial surge of rhythm sets the tone for the ensuing sonic odyssey, while eerie background nuances envelop the composition, adding depth and mystique to the sonic landscape.
Progressing through the song, I am swept away by the dynamic interplay of instruments and rhythm. From the ethereal guitar strums to the resonant bass depths, every element finds harmonious cohesion within the composition, showcasing the band’s artful mastery. A stunning and intricate crescendo takes place between the timestamps of 3:20 and 3:40. Mellow guitar strumming blends with heavenly piano melodies to create a brief but peaceful respite among the song’s unrelenting intensity. A profoundly transforming auditory experience is offered by the melodic convergence of the instruments, which leaves a lasting impression on the musical mind.
With its unmatched instrumentation and poignant resonance, “Leader Carismatico” stands as a strong pillar in this EP. The song stands out as a shining example of auditory innovation due to its careful construction and delicate dynamic changes, which perfectly capture the band’s skill. “Leader Carismatico” embodies Gli Incubi Di Freud’s creative vision from its thrilling introduction to its transcendent culmination, luring listeners to enter a realm of self-discovery and contemplation. In the grand tapestry of modern music, “Leader Carismatico” emerges as a testament to the enduring power of sonic expression, solidifying its place as a standout gem within the musical landscape.

II Course Di Icaro:
“II Cuore Di Icaro,” nestled as the fourth track within Gli Incubi Di Freud’s “Diastole” EP, emerges as a serene oasis amidst the tumultuous seas of sound. I was engulfed in a fabric of peace and reflection when I came upon this work of art. The music offers a break from the chaos of the outside world from the minute it starts. It exudes calm and serenity. I’m taken to a place of ethereal beauty and intense passion as the entrancing guitar strings weave their songs. The gentle piano notes and the alluring bass echoes combine to create a serene background that the song is played on. At the 0:15 timestamp, the voice of the lead singer emerges, draped in softness and gentleness, crafting the lyrics within the canvas of this peaceful masterpiece, delivered in the native language of Gli Incubi Di Freud, adding an extra layer of intimacy and warmth to the composition.
I let the music’s melodies wash over me like waves on the sea, being more and more engulfed in its soft embrace with every second that goes by. At 1:13 and 1:53 in the song, there is a powerful emotional climax that hits a high note. The instrumental piece is the main attraction; with its complex melodies and eerie echoes, it tells stories of the heart and soul. Lost in the beauty of the music, I find myself momentarily adrift in a sea of emotions, my eyes closed in reverie. Even as the beats of the drums gently punctuate the composition at the 2:58 timestamp, they do so with a delicate grace, adding depth and dimension to the already captivating soundscape.
“II Cuore Di Icaro” is unique among its contemporaries in that it elicits a deep feeling of contemplation and emotion. The song is a potent example of the transforming power of music, with its somber pace and soft melodies. I was taken to parts of the spirit I had never visited before as I walked via its calming sounds and moving lyrics. “II Cuore Di Icaro” serves as a beacon of emotional resonance and peace in a world full of chaos and noise, reminding listeners of the enormous effect that music can have on the human soul.

As I arrive at the concluding track of the “Diastole” EP by Gli Incubi Di Freud, I am met with the ethereal soundscape of “Tum.” It serves as a culmination of the emotional journey embarked upon throughout the EP, offering a tranquil yet profound musical experience. “Tum” unfolds as a predominantly instrumental composition, yet its power and beauty are undeniable, resonating deeply within me. The opening notes of “Tum” gently beckon me into its embrace, guided by the soothing melodies of the piano. Each keystroke evokes a sense of serenity and introspection, setting the stage for the auditory voyage that lies ahead.
As the rhythm of the music expands, layers of sound—the deep bass, the subtle percussion, and the soft guitar strumming—begin to blend together flawlessly. When combined, they produce a complex musical tapestry that envelops me in a peaceful cocoon. Throughout “Tum,” the instrumentation becomes more and more complex, creating melodies and patterns that enthrall the senses. High-pitched synth notes enter the song at the 1:23 timestamp, giving it a fresh perspective and a sense of ethereal awe. After that, powerful drumming enters the song between 2:24 and 2:40, giving it a sudden surge of life and vigor. I’m tempted to lose myself in the depths of this dreamy ambiance created by this unusual combination of sounds.
The capacity of “Tum” to keep its alluring charm even in the absence of vocals is what really makes it stand out. I find the instrumental arrangement to be rather captivating, capturing and retaining my interest throughout. It is evidence of Gli Incubi Di Freud’s talent and inventiveness, demonstrating their capacity to arouse strong feelings and leave a lasting impression via their music. Upon the last notes fading into quiet, I am filled with a deep sense of wonder and gratitude for the journey I have traveled, led by the sublime beauty of “Tum.”

From the electrifying intensity of “Leader Carismatico” to the serene tranquility of “II Cuore Di Icaro,” each track offers a unique glimpse into the artistic vision of Gli Incubi Di Freud. Whether you’re drawn to the dynamic rhythms or the soulful instrumentation, there’s something for everyone to explore and appreciate within this musical tapestry. So, let the melodies of “Diastole” wash over you, inviting you to lose yourself in its depths and discover the magic that lies within. Allow yourself to be carried away by the music, to be transported to places unseen and emotions unfelt. For in the realm of Gli Incubi Di Freud’s “Diastole,” there are endless possibilities waiting to be explored.

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