The EP “Not Satisfied” (The Remixes) by Tally Koren revolves around the empowering anthem “Not Satisfied,” encouraging listeners to pause, reflect, and appreciate themselves. It showcases the original track along with three captivating remixes by Xander Milne, DJ Omniks, and TK7, offering diverse musical experiences while reinforcing the message of self-empowerment.

Tally Koren is a singer-songwriter who was born in Israel, spent time as a child living in Mexico, and is currently settled in the UK. She sings in Hebrew, Spanish, and English. Tally’s resume as an independent artist includes winning the Fringe Award for Best Singer-Songwriter in 2011, being played on BBC Radio 2, and appearing on shows with Graham Norton and Chris Evans. In addition to recent performances at the Royal Albert Hall, The National Arboretum, MK Dons Stadium, and The House of Lords, she has appeared on TV shows such as London Live and the Virgin Media playlist.

Tally Koren, the talented and versatile artist, has recently taken the music scene by storm with her latest EP titled “Not Satisfied” (The Remixes). Released on July 28, 2023, this EP features three captivating remixes of her hit song “Not Satisfied”. “Not Satisfied” was written by Tally Koren herself alongside the talented Phil Scales, and it serves as a powerful message for people to pause, reflect, and show some love for themselves without hesitation. The remixes were crafted by Xander Milne, DJ Omniks, and Tk7, each contributing their own unique touch to the original track. With a total of six tracks, including extended versions, the EP plays for approximately 26 minutes and 14 seconds, offering listeners an immersive musical journey.

The release of “Not Satisfied” (The Remixes) follows the success of Tally Koren’s last remix, “It’s Who You Are,” which peaked at number 13 at the Commercial Pop Chart in the UK and spent 4 weeks in the top 40, next to artists such as Pink, Taylor Swift, and Ellie Goulding. The cool House Remix by Xander Mills has the potential to qualify for a diva-era hit with its attractive trance vibe and the unique timbre of Tally’s sensational, breathy vocals.

“Not Satisfied” (The Remixes) EP tracklist

· Not Satisfied – Xander Milne Remix

· Not Satisfied – Xander Milne Remix Extended

· Not Satisfied – TK7 Remix

· Not Satisfied – TK7 Remix Extended

· Not Satisfied – Omniks Remix

· Not Satisfied – Omniks Remix Extended

The EP opens with the pulsating beat of “Not Satisfied – Xander Milne Remix.” From the very beginning, Tally Koren’s distinctive voice draws the listener in, uttering the words, “I am not satisfied.” The remix captures the essence of the original track and adds a fresh perspective, creating an enticing atmosphere that immediately grabs the audience’s attention. The highlight of the remix comes at the one-minute mark, when the vocals momentarily fade away, allowing the infectious beat to take center stage. This cleverly executed move induces an irresistible urge to move and dance, setting the tone for the rest of the EP.

Following the energetic start, “Not Satisfied – TK7 Remix” takes the listeners on a more emotive journey. The remix begins with a soothing guitar riff and Tally Koren’s captivating voice, creating a sense of tranquility. However, the track soon transitions into an upbeat and infectious rhythm, showcasing the impressive versatility of both the artist and the remixing prowess of Tk7. The seamless transition between the calm and upbeat segments is a testament to the skillful production, ensuring that the audience will be tapping their feet and nodding their heads to the mesmerizing beats.

Moving further into the EP, “Not Satisfied – Omniks Remix” captivates with its serene and ethereal ambiance. Tally Koren’s echoing vocals create a dreamy atmosphere, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the melodic brilliance. Unexpectedly, the track takes a delightful turn, transitioning into an upbeat section that adds a burst of energy to the composition. This contrast between tranquility and excitement breathes new life into the original track, leaving the listeners yearning for more.

The EP concludes on a high note with the extended version of “Not Satisfied – Omniks Remix.” By extending the track, Tally Koren gives the audience more time to relish the musical brilliance of the Omniks remix. Listeners will undoubtedly find themselves lost in the captivating soundscape, cherishing every moment of this sonic masterpiece.

Overall, “Not Satisfied” (The Remixes) EP proves to be a refreshing and enchanting musical experience. Tally Koren’s exceptional talent shines through in each version of the track, while the remixers, Xander Milne, DJ Omniks, and Tk7, showcase their skills in creating unique and captivating renditions of the original song. The EP is a testament to the art of remixing, breathing new life into a beloved track and providing listeners with an array of emotions and sensations.

Tally Koren’s latest release showcases her artistic vision and ability to curate a compelling collection of remixes. The EP allows fans and newcomers alike to enjoy “Not Satisfied” in various forms, each offering a distinct and memorable experience. With this musical triumph, Tally Koren has undoubtedly solidified her position as a creative force in the music industry and has left us eagerly anticipating her future endeavors.

If you haven’t already, be sure to listen to “Not Satisfied” (The Remixes) EP by Tally Koren and embark on a musical journey that will leave you not only satisfied but also mesmerized by the enchanting melodies and infectious beats.

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