The Cookie Jar Complot, an instrumental math-rock band hailing from Luxembourg, has woven a mesmerizing musical tapestry since its inception in 2020. The creative force behind this unique band is the visionary duo of Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener. Driven by a shared passion for intricate rhythms, post-rock soundscapes, and interwoven guitar melodies, these two musicians embarked on a journey to craft music that’s both cerebral and emotionally resonant.

Just a year after their formation, The Cookie Jar Complot made a significant impact on the music scene with the release of their debut EP, “Caviar Capital” in 2021. This EP served as a declaration of their artistic prowess and introduced the world to their distinctive sound. It showcased their ability to seamlessly blend complex mathematical patterns with emotive melodies, pushing the boundaries of conventional music.

What makes The Cookie Jar Complot truly unique is their ability to draw inspiration from a diverse range of influences. By looking to other Luxembourgish acts, they found a way to pay homage to their roots and infuse their music with cultural authenticity, setting them apart in the world of instrumental music.

Their compositions flow like a river, guiding listeners through dynamic rhythms and intricate musical landscapes that convey emotions and stories without the need for lyrics. This extraordinary skill and artistic vision set them apart in the instrumental music genre.

The Cookie Jar Complot continues their remarkable musical journey with “Lobster Knife Fight,” an EP that takes a bold step in a new direction for the band. The EP, released on October 27th, 2023, is a fusion of heavier, faster, and dancier themes in music and imagery. Building on the foundation laid by “Caviar Capital,” this EP draws inspiration from the realms of post-rock and math-rock.

One of the striking elements of “Lobster Knife Fight” is its seamless integration of insular tracks and intriguing transitions that serve as connective tissue, weaving the EP together into a cohesive narrative. The interludes, never before released, contribute to the storytelling, running in parallel with the songs themselves.

Lobster Knife Fight EP Track List:

Beaver Deceiver – EP Version:
“Beaver Deceiver,”
the opening track of “Lobster Knife Fight,” serves as a powerful introduction to the EP’s musical journey. It begins with a slow and subtle melody that lures the listener in, only to erupt into an energetic instrumental explosion. This dynamic transition between the subdued and the vibrant becomes a defining feature of the track, creating an engaging listening experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
What makes “Beaver Deceiver” stand out is its ability to seamlessly blend contrasting elements, from the subtle melodic beginnings to the energetic instrumental sections. The track boasts a diverse range of sounds and instrumentals, offering a profound and multifaceted narrative that guides the listener through its musical world. It’s a sonic adventure that takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, driven by danceable and infectious beats.
In summary, “Beaver Deceiver” sets the tone for the entire EP, showcasing The Cookie Jar Complot’s mastery in crafting intricate compositions. The track’s ability to transition between energetic and subtle instrumentals while maintaining a danceable quality makes it a compelling and multifaceted piece of music. It’s a testament to the band’s musical dexterity and their capacity to create a profound narrative purely through instrumental music.

Villabajo – EP Version:
despite its brevity at less than one minute, is a gem within “Lobster Knife Fight.” This short but captivating track demonstrates The Cookie Jar Complot’s ability to craft a mesmerizing listening experience in a compact timeframe. The song opens with a subtle instrumental melody that immediately captures your senses and beckons you into its enchanting world.
What makes “Villabajo” remarkable is its power to evoke a sense of beauty and wonder in a concise musical expression. The band’s skill in creating something profound and emotionally resonant within a short track is truly impressive. The subtle instrumental melody guides the listener through a world of alluring sound, leaving a lasting impression despite its brevity.
In essence, “Villabajo” is a testament to the band’s artistic prowess, proving that the length of a track does not define its impact. The Cookie Jar Complot has masterfully condensed a world of beauty and emotion into this short composition, making it a vital and alluring piece of the EP’s narrative. It’s a shining example of the band’s ability to create something beautiful, even in the most concise musical forms.

Tilidin Zidane – EP Version:
“Tilidin Zidane”
emerges as a striking centerpiece within “Lobster Knife Fight,” showcasing The Cookie Jar Complot’s extraordinary ability to craft a multifaceted musical narrative. The song commences with an ethereal quality that immediately transports the listener to an otherworldly realm. This ethereal introduction lays the foundation for the emotional depth and complexity that the track will explore, providing a sense of wonder and anticipation.
As the composition unfolds, “Tilidin Zidane” undergoes a dramatic transformation. Scorching lead lines burst forth, injecting a fiery intensity into the music. The band’s seamless transition from the ethereal to the fiery is a defining feature, revealing their versatility and artistry in shifting between contrasting sonic elements. This dynamic journey keeps the listener engaged and captivated, as the track evolves with unpredictability and precision.
The emotional depth of the track is profoundly tangible, ranging from moments of intense heaviness to passages of poignant and beautifully expressive melodies. This emotional spectrum serves as a testament to The Cookie Jar Complot’s capacity to convey intricate feelings and immerse their audience in a deeply emotional experience. The song culminates with a thundering crescendo in its final minute, delivering a cathartic release of the emotional tension built throughout. This climactic moment is masterfully executed, leaving an indelible mark on the listener and reaffirming the band’s prowess in crafting emotive and powerful music. “Tilidin Zidane” is a testament to the band’s artistic depth and their ability to create a sonic journey that is at once captivating, profound, and unforgettable.

LLTAOS – EP Version
the final track on “Lobster Knife Fight,” serves as a poignant conclusion to the EP’s musical journey. While it’s a short track with a runtime of 1 minute and 7 seconds, it encapsulates a profound emotional depth. The song features a slow and somewhat emotional instrumental that evokes a sense of finality, as if bidding farewell to the listener.
This track plays a vital role in providing a sense of closure for the EP. The emotional resonance of the music reflects the feeling of bringing the musical journey to its end. The slow, melancholic instrumental creates a melancholy atmosphere, suggesting that the EP’s story is reaching its conclusion.
One of the most intriguing aspects of “LLTAOS” is its ending. The track closes in a way that feels like a deliberate and artful curtain call. The gentle fade-out of the instrumentals gives the impression that the EP’s curtains are gently closing, leaving a lasting and contemplative impact. It’s a testament to The Cookie Jar Complot’s ability to convey deep emotions and craft a complete narrative through their instrumental compositions.

Once again, The Cookie Jar Complot’s instrumental prowess shines through. This EP reaffirms their mastery in crafting beautiful, lyrical narratives through instruments alone. Each track on the EP tells a unique story, showcasing the band’s ability to convey emotions and meaning without the use of vocals.

Lobster Knife Fight” is an exquisite musical journey. The instrumentals take center stage, and the band’s ability to blend various instruments into a harmonious narrative is truly remarkable. With this EP, The Cookie Jar Complot offers a musical experience that captivates, engages, and brings beauty to the world of instrumental music.

In summary, “Lobster Knife Fight” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates intricate, emotionally resonant instrumental music. The Cookie Jar Complot continues to push the boundaries of their craft and delight listeners with their artistic vision. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this EP and immerse yourself in the world they’ve created.

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