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Originally from Worcester in the United States, Jon of the Shred is a mysterious artist who creates music that combines nostalgia with originality. Jon, a solo performer, demonstrates his skill on guitar, bass, keyboard, and synthesizers in his recordings, highlighting his talent with multiple instruments. Jon’s music is a distinctive blend of influences including 70s and 80s action and horror films, 90s video game music, Gfunk, heavy metal, thrash metal, and progressive rock, making it difficult to categorize. Jon of the Shred is not just an artist, but also a significant figure in the music industry, having a portfolio that involves licensing to well-known brands like WWE, TMZ, NBA, and more.

Out Of Runway,” which was released on April 1st, 2024, represents a notable achievement in Jon’s collection of music. It is the third part in a series that started with “Landing Gear,” the music for the video game “Happy’s Humble Burger Barn”. This new album marks the fourth year since the release of the original “Landing Gear,” honoring its past while exploring new directions.

Out Of Runway” consists of seven instrumental tracks, each conveying a unique narrative without the use of vocals. The absence of vocalizing is not viewed as a shortcoming, but as a deliberate choice that allows the music to speak for itself. The melodies and rhythms hold such strength that they can convey feelings and stories even without words. The emphasis on using instruments to tell a story makes “Out of Runway” unique compared to other albums and highlights Jon’s talent as both a songwriter and music producer.

Out Of Runway Album Track List:

Comms Down:
The first song on “Out of Runway,” titled “Comms Down,” captivates the listener right away with its captivating rhythm and melody. The song starts with a lovely, tingling melody that acts as the core of the piece, captivating listeners and establishing the mood for what is to follow. Throughout the progression of the song, Jon of the Shred skillfully incorporates various elements, constructing a complex and detailed musical environment that holds the listener’s attention throughout. Even though it is primarily instrumental, the track communicates a great deal through its music alone, showing that music can sometimes express emotions and narratives better than words.
As “Comms Down” progresses, it transforms into a song that brings to mind the sensation of getting ready for war. The boldness of the composition increases, creating layers of intensity and urgency that are ideal for establishing the scene for an epic confrontation. The changing tempo of the song enhances its dynamic quality, transitioning from simple melodies to intricate rhythmic patterns. This fluctuation establishes a captivating auditory journey that enthralls listeners, keeping them anticipating the unknown while eagerly craving more. Jon of the Shred showcases his skills on multiple instruments, blending them together to create the overall vibe of the track. The lack of singing is not noticed as a deficiency because the engaging beat and tune drive the song with assurance and power. “Comms Down” showcases Jon’s talent in crafting music that is complex yet easy to understand.

Take A Dive:
“Take A Dive”
is another notable instrumental track on “Out Of Runway,” highlighting Jon of the Shred’s incredible skill and originality. From the moment the music starts, the song captivates the audience with a thick bass rhythm and impactful drums, preparing them for the musical experience to come. The instruments used in this song are truly impressive, with each one adding to a dynamic and layered sound that completely immerses the listener. The skilled guitar playing adds depth and complexity to the composition, while the drumbeat adds a rhythmic and catchy texture that keeps the track moving confidently and with swagger.
The intricacy and variety of the instrumentation in “Take A Dive” are highly significant, as every instrument adds to a lush rhythmic sensation that propels the track throughout. The different sound levels blend harmoniously, making for an intriguing and satisfying musical journey. The song highlights Jon’s talent in composing music, revealing his proficiency in crafting intricate and touching melodies. The song is a captivating and skillfully made piece of music that becomes increasingly enjoyable with every listen, revealing new elements and nuances that enrich its complexity. All elements of “Take A Dive” – including the powerful bass rhythms, expert guitar work, and precise drumming – come together to create a cohesive and engaging musical experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

Jon Of The Shred

Brace For Impact:
“Brace For Impact”
emerges as another stellar track on “Out of Runway,” showcasing Jon of the Shred’s ability to craft music that is both intricate and emotionally resonant. The song starts with a gentle tune that quickly establishes a calm and reflective mood, captivating listeners with its subtle loveliness. From beginning to end, “Brace For Impact” maintains a gentle flow that keeps the listener engaged with its beautiful allure, never overpowering them but gracefully unfolding. The precise rhythm and smooth flow of the song capture the true beauty of music, demonstrating that simplicity can be powerful.
During the 3:48-minute point, there is a sudden shift in “Brace For Impact” as it transitions into a mesmerizing melody, bringing a fresh depth and complexity to the song. This shift provides a moment of insight, giving listeners a peek into the intricate nature of the track and Jon of the Shred’s unique music arrangement style. Right as you believe you have understood the track, it changes once more at the 4:07-minute point, transforming into a spooky and unsettling composition. The rhythm gains a touch of traditional vibes, bringing an element of enigma and fascination to the song, with the tune taking on a more eerie and ethereal quality.
In general, “Brace For Impact” is a compelling piece that commands attention and warrants multiple listens. Every part of the song presents something fresh and thrilling, whether it’s the gentle beginning tune, the exciting middle part, or the eerie ending. Jon of the Shred has once more showcased his talent as a skilled storyteller and composer, utilizing his music to elicit strong emotions and craft unforgettable listening moments.

Out Of Runway:
The essence of Jon of the Shred’s musical vision is encapsulated in “Out Of Runway,” which serves as both the title track and the closing masterpiece of the album. From the very beginning, the song has an enduring charm, starting with a captivating and playful rhythmic melody that immediately captures the attention of the listener. While the music plays, it transforms unexpectedly into a eerie and haunting composition, showcasing Jon’s talent for creating music that is both surprising and emotionally moving. Jon’s talent as a composer and musician is shown in his ability to smoothly mix different elements into a unified whole.
During its entire length, “Out Of Runway” provides a ceaseless musical enjoyment that remains new and engaging every time it is played. The track is complex and layered, showcasing carefully constructed rhythms and melodies that enrich the song’s intricacy and depth. Every element of the song, from the melody to the rhythm, communicates a timeless character, creating a flawless musical bond that harmoniously connects the entire album. Despite being the final song, “Out Of Runway” still leaves a strong impression on listeners, proving its impact and charm. “Out Of Runway” is a perfect conclusion to an album that highlights Jon of the Shred’s limitless creativity and skill. The track is an enchanting and ageless piece of music that provides a continuous sense of musical joy, with every part remaining vibrant and interesting.

Thematically, “Out of Runway” delves into various emotions, from sorrowful to optimistic. The album is filled with a feeling of yearning and self-examination, yet it is consistently countered by instances of hope and strength. This dual nature is mirrored in the music, moving seamlessly between dark, atmospheric parts and brighter, uplifting sections. The emotional depth of “Out of Runway” entices listeners to connect with their own emotions and experiences while listening to Jon’s music.

To sum up, “Out of Runway” is an exceptional piece of art demonstrating Jon of the Shred’s limitless creativity and musical skill. It’s a record that calls for multiple plays, uncovering fresh elements and subtleties with each rotation. For fans of prog rock, lofi hip hop, or any type of good music, “Out of Runway” offers a little something for everyone. Therefore, make sure to dedicate some time to dive into this engaging album and allow Jon of the Shred’s music to take you on a unforgettable journey.

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