Dylan Tauber releases his Latest Outstanding 12-track Album

“I Am Alive” is Dylan Tauber’s 12-track electronic album that explores themes of spirituality, love, and rebirth with vocals from musicians in Spain and Indonesia. From beginning to conclusion, it is a multi-layered, dream-like experience that demonstrates Tauber’s abilities as an electronic musician and his ability to create something new in the genre.

Dylan Tauber is a visionary electronic musician, cyberartist, photographer, and novelist who has been a master of his profession for almost two and a half decades. Dylan Tauber runs a network of 24 websites that showcase his electronic music, music videos, cyberart, writing, and photography, in addition to releasing sixteen critically acclaimed transcendental electronica albums (most of which are available for free download) through his Son of Waves Studios music label. Since 1996, this website network has received over 5.4 million page visits and millions of video views. Dylan Tauber’s music is a distinctive blend of electronic, vocal trance, chill-out, and world music, while his pictures and cyberart investigate the relationship between nature, technology, and spirituality.

Dylan Tauber has given us some incredibly memorable albums in the previous year, all of which rallied around powerful electronic melodies, impassioned, well-produced sounds, and meticulously created harmonies that hold you until the end. Dylan Tauber brought us on a fourteen-track journey inspired by his lover in “He Loves Carmen,” while “The Lagoon” championed early trance melodies, magnificent 2000s sounds, and shimmering production.

Today, Dylan Tauber is taking us on another great voyage, this time through twelve original songs that are as visceral as they are cathartic. Dylan Tauber is able to create something new and exciting for us to appreciate with each release, and “I Am Alive,” his sixteenth record, is no exception. Designed to bring something new and unique to the electronic genre, it’s a sublime record that demonstrates exactly how good Dylan Tauber really is.

Dylan Tauber’s current 12-track album, “I Am Alive,” released on February 22, 2023, combines vocals from musicians in Spain and Indonesia. Each track serves as a foundation for the album’s structure and idea. It’s like a multi-layered dream that you’re not yet aware isn’t real. It’s the ideal album for relaxing, doing yoga, climbing a mountain, or rehabilitating to. As you get to the end of a narrative, you get a tremendously satisfied sensation since you got to hear it from beginning to end. Dazzling synths and an electronic-heavy presence lend depth to this album’s sounds and ideas. A few tunes will forever change the chemistry of your brain.

“I Am Alive” Tracklist 

• Love and You Will Live 

• Spirit Guides 

• I Am Alive 

• Reflection 

• Dreaming

• Whales 

• She’s a Dancer 

• Rebirth 

• Warm

• Carmen 

• I Love you forever 

• Spirit Guides (Remix)

“Love and You Will Live” kicks off the record. Its explosive dance beat motifs provide as an excellent power foundation for the launching synths. The melody conveys a sense of thankfulness and respect for the basic knowledge of love, paired with impassioned baritones that fluidly scale to falsettos.

“Spirit Guards” comes next, with a synth-heavy atmosphere, it would be one of the most comprehensive tracks I’ve heard in Dylan Tauber’s collection, from concept to sound. “Spirit Guides” has a fantastic idea at its core, and it’s performed well throughout, from the theme’s words to the lovely shimmer of the vocalists that sing’em. Dylan Tauber’s got a nice calm beat and synth vibes with this spiritual song. “Spirit Guides” is intended to remind us that there is always something in the air around us, and that we are never alone in everything we do. I believe it’s a lovely idea, and it sounds amazing from beginning to end; it’s a very well-thought-out song.

The track “Dreaming” is electro-classical. It’s done with a dramatic touch. The artist mixes basslines and background vocals to create the appearance of movement and elevation using only one sound motif. “Whales” is full of energy and stimulation. The tone is calm and laid-back, but there are nevertheless moving moments. The fascinating lyrics about aquatic life make you feel as if you’re swimming in the deep waters with the Whales. Dylan Tauber’s fantasy universe is enhanced with cool yet compelling vocals. It introduces an aggressive dark wave into the record, with focused beats and black miasmas of synths, while the gloomy vocals echo with the track’s sad undertone. Perhaps this song will motivate others to pursue a career in marine biology.

Dylan Tauber
Dylan Tauber

“She’s a Dancer” is a song about dancing. It contains possibly the most irresistible hooks of any song in this lineup to this date. I’m not saying it’s a better song; I’m just saying there’s a strong chance it’ll be one of the most memorable in the set and stick in your head a lot faster. Finally, that’s a nice sign that it’d be a strong contender to release as a single, but I might be more tempted to go with a few of the other songs on this set-list that are more reflective of the album as a whole. “She’s A Dancer” sounds a lot like something you’ve undoubtedly heard in the Electro genre at some point in your listening history which in no way makes it dull or a poor music, only more familiar to our ears despite being technically new. Whether or not “She’s A Dancer” is one of your favorites, the consistency Dylan brings to all of his music is impressive. It has the beats and the energy. The free fall voices are framed by oozing basslines. 

The following two tunes, “Rebirth” and “Warm”, have a climax feel to them. “Rebirth” is without a doubt one of my top favorites from the “I Am Alive” album lineup, and considering it’s built primarily on a single repeating pattern, I must say, I don’t know how many artists out there could actually pull a song like this one off this successfully. Dylan Tauber has done everything correctly here, and this moment has been honed into something spectacular. Personally, I couldn’t get enough of “Rebirth”, I think it’s a really meaningful music that you can actually feel in the bottom of your soul when listening to. Everything about it is warm, from the warmth of its brightness to the sincerity at the heart of its music.

If I’m being completely honest, I get shivers when I listen to “Rebirth” It’s a song that speaks to the heart and head as one and, in my opinion, is award-worthy. I understand that it may appear that it does not do enough in terms of what we hear for many people, but it is perfection to me. I’d say I felt the same way about “Warm” straight after it too – what a great song! This is what I was getting at when the album originally started… Sometimes you just have a feeling Dylan Tauber  is on the right track and about to nail a song for you, and this was one of those moments for me. I’ll admit that I first believed that anything that followed “Rebirth” would have a lot to live up to, but as soon as “Warm” started, I knew it was going to be another triumph for this Electro genius. 

The track “Carmen” opens out to a glimmering world. Wonderful mystery is flowing through in unrelenting waves. While the distant vocal echoes distort our perception of reality, the slow beats and solitary melodic points establish a feeling of rhythm and time. The title tune “I Am live” begins with magical feminine calls as seductive as a siren’s. A throbbing rhythm and tapping percussion cut through the disembodied vocals. There has a definite aqua appeal, with relaxing aquamarine highlights. 

“Reflection” takes its predecessor’s primary sound concept and modifies it with a tortured sorrow. It felt like one of those songs I put on Monday morning and then realized it was Friday evening, you know what I mean? Sometimes you become lost in beautiful music, Immersed in a sound you don’t want to shake off, and if you get the chance to live within it for long, undisturbed by the outside world, it may be a genuinely meaningful experience. You end up in a condition of tranquility, just as the title suggests.

“Reflection” is the kind of track you want to listen to when you’re taking stock of the past, what you’ve been through, how it relates to where you are now, and to help you sort out your future. In a nutshell, I’m in love with this track. The loop is completed by “I Love You Forever,” with its dazzling palette and topic linking to the first track. The music, which consists of dance beats, soul singers, and cascading synths, is intended to reactivate movement.

Dylan Tauber
Dylan Tauber

The “Spirits Guide(Remix)” concludes the album. This remix to “Spirit Guides” has a more dance-oriented approach. I’m not a big lover of remixes, but this one feels like it does the original credit. A faster tempo satisfies that portion of your brain that craves everything to be sharp. Another banger for the club or when divine intervention is required. In contrast to the original track’s brilliant synths, this rendition is led by rhythms. The song space is varied, with minimal vocal distortion and powerful basslines. What a fantastic track to use as the album’s finale.

Dylan Tauber displayed all of his abilities here in the album “I Am Alive”. It’s not simple to make music, let alone continually make good music, but Dylan Tauber did just that. He exists in his own dimension, which adds to his uniqueness. Addressing ideas such as spirituality, life on Earth, and love are just a few of the things that have helped him establish himself as a remarkable artist.

I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed if you take your time to listen to the album’s 12 amazing masterpieces.

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