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The song “Speed Limit” by Carson Ferris is about the pressure and stress of life’s continual rat race and the significance of finding balance and relaxation in order to achieve your goals. The lyrics imply that in order to find peace and satisfaction, it is sometimes essential to let go of things that add to the strain and overwhelm.

Carson Ferris has had quite the musical career at the age of 13, but he’s only getting started. He is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and American pop performer from Provo, Utah. Carson Ferris began his musical adventure at the age of six, when he began learning to play the electric guitar. He honed his performance skills by singing and playing in student rock bands at Dave Wilbur’s Rock Lab in Orem and then with the acclaimed One Voice Children’s ChorusCarson Ferris didn’t want to stop making music when the world ended in 2020, so he struck off on his own. In Los Angeles, he began recording music and released his first single, “Can’t Be Without You,” with Trinidad Cardona.

Gabe Taylor
Gabe Taylor

Carson Ferris won a social media contest in 2021, which gave him the opportunity to have a video of himself singing and dancing in Donny Osmond’s Las Vegas performance. Carson Ferris has since performed at Fork Fest and Buzzards & Bees, two local music events. He keeps himself occupied by writing music and working with his producer, Mykyl. After “Drive Alone,” Carson Ferris’ last single, “Speed Limit,” is the second of many to follow in 2023.

Gabe Taylor
Gabe Taylor

“Speed Limit,” released on March 3rd, 2023, has a good vibe from the moment you press play. Aside from the incredibly sweet and soothing vocals, the general composition of this song is really new and appealing, with various distinct musical elements that add gorgeous aural colors to the tune, making it feel more like an anthem. The beats are so infectious that you can’t help but tap your feet to the groove, while the synth triggers and dreamy tones draw you in from the first note. It’s also a lovely tune to listen to on a long journey to relieve the tension our minds face on a regular basis.

“Speed Limit” is quite serious, with lyrics that demonstrate maturity beyond Carson Ferris’s age. Mykyl co-wrote and produced the song, which has brilliant guitars and cinematic drumming. The song is really personal to Carson Ferris in a lot of ways; he doesn’t always feel this way, but he does get overwhelmed trying to make it as a musician who also happens to be a kid.

Gabe Taylor
Gabe Taylor

The band Journey is Carson Ferris’ all-time favorite, and he draws inspiration from other solo artists like Ed Sheeran and Alec Benjamin. His music is pop with a rock undertone. The music written by Carson Ferris is approachable and relatable.

Lyrically, this song covers the rat race that we humans, intentionally or involuntarily, are a part of and how it may sometimes overwhelm us with a lot of pressure because we are continually going from one activity to the next without a moment’s quiet or relaxation. As a result, as the lyrics suggest, it is sometimes best to let go of things that contribute to the already persistent pressure that we are under in order to allow our minds and spirits some well-deserved relaxation and peace. “Speed Limit” was recorded at June Audio in Provo, Utah. Maren Gayle engineered the music, and Jen Marco produced the vocals. Adam Turley mixed the song, while Eric Disero mastered it.

“Speed Limit” is an introspective song that is about looking at your life and determining how much is too much to give up for your aspirations, as well as dealing with stress and finding balance. The soaring high notes at the end of the chorus represent how all of the sacrifices you make as you work towards your goals can be worthwhile.

Gabe Taylor
Gabe Taylor

“Speed Limit,” Carson Ferris’s second 2023 release, continues the theme of vehicles and driving introduced in his first release, “Drive Alone.” “Speed Limit” and “Drive Alone” might be considered a mini EP or two sides of the same single. Both songs are strong additions to the pop world and should be heard by any pop enthusiast.

Overall, this song offers a good deal of inspiration and insight, assisting the listener in making positive life changes. Keep a watch out for more single releases from Carson Ferris this year.

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