Leif Riggs is well-known for his musical ability and poetry, as seen by his current single “Phantom,” which is highly recommended for fans of traditional hip-hop.

Leif Riggs worked the same job he had in high school for the first eight years of his adulthood. There was little opportunity for advancement, but he appreciated the environment and working with people. During most of that time, he composed rap songs, returned to college in his late twenties, and graduated with honors in mathematics after seven years. Now that he has a professional job, he has discovered that music is the focus of the majority of his leisure activities. When he isn’t listening to it, he returns to penning down his visions, which describe his thoughts. He has a distinct style of writing lyrics that takes numerous technicalities into account, which he has been honing for nearly two decades.

It’s crucial to identify and appreciate the classics in a world where hip-hop is continuously expanding and changing. “Phantom” by Leif Riggs (produced by InsaneBeatz) is a superb illustration of what makes classic hip-hop so great; it’s a tune that will transport you back to the genre’s glory days while still feeling fresh and modern.

Leif Riggs wasn’t joking when he stated he was the truest lyricist; with his 90’s-inspired hip-hop, he sails on with his latest hit, “Phantom.” He puts “Phantom” on a silver platter with rhythmic and percussive instrumentation, and if you are an enthusiastic listener of rap music, you will agree with me when I say “Phantom” is a masterpiece.

“Phantom,” released on February 26th, 2023, would transport you back to the days of rap battles, as they throw punches over a bass-heavy beat and each rapper leaps in with their greatest line. If this were a rap competition, Leif Riggs would undoubtedly have won; the song’s rhymes, jokes, and delivery make it addictive and tough to listen to just once.

“Phantom” has a compelling overall effect, drawing you in with its catchy beat and never letting go, leaving you nodding your head and tapping your feet in sync. This is a track that begs to be heard, with a beat that will hook you from the first note. It’s a fantastic illustration of classic hip-hop’s strength and a must-listen for every fan of the genre.

“Phantom” is a wonderful masterpiece that left me in awe, and I’m sure it will do the same for you. If this is your first time hearing Leif Riggs, this track should give you a good idea of the type of musician he is. I’m sure he has more planned, and I can’t wait to see it.

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