Spyderhuff’s “The More That I Get” is a groovy and rocking song about how the desire for money can become an addiction and how tough it can be to resist it. The song blends several styles, including blues-rock and a deep, funky Detroit rhythm, and it has distinct vocals and strong musical instruments that work well together.

Spyderhuff is a band consisting of Tom Kuhr (vocals, guitar, harmonica, saxophone, synth), Don Beyer (bass, synth), Jim Pauli (drums), Joey Gaydos (guitar), Tony Mitchell (congas, bongos, drums, backing vocals), and Julie Noe (backing vocals). These childhood friends have been performing music together for more than 50 years. Don resides in Mount Dora, Florida, while Tom resides in their shared hometown of Dearborn, Michigan. The teamwork is conducted entirely online. Within a special process, the creative juices flow unhindered.

In the 1970s, Tom Kuhr and Don Beyer founded “Each,” a jazz-fusion group. The following rock group was “Full Nelson,” founded in the 1980s. Spyderhuff was a brief-lived studio band that was established in the early 1990s. Here, Jim Pauli steps in with his tasteful and perceptive drumming. Tom then spent close to 30 years operating a graphic design company under the Spyderhuff name. Spyderhuff reformed in 2020 with the EP release of “Tired Wrangler” after decades of hoarding song ideas.

Spyderhuff enjoys bending and forming musical genres, much like how metal is bent and shaped in Motown. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the majority of the members played in bands ranging from jazz-fusion to hard rock while growing up as friends and musicians in the Detroit area. They are currently working on a series called “SIN7” about the Seven Deadly Sins, which is being made available as singles.

The seventh single in the SIN7 series, “The More That I Get,” is scheduled for release on March 24, 2023. Featuring Tony Mitchell (backing vocals, congas), Julie Noe (backing vocals), Janet Swanson (backing vocals), Joey Gaydos Sr. (guitars), Joey Gaydos Jr. (keyboards), Don Beyer (bass, keyboards), Tom Kuhr (lead vocals, synth, banjo), and Joey Gaydos (lyrics). The funky and rocking song “The More That I Get” will undoubtedly grab listeners’ attention. The song begins with an electric guitar playing its best opening note, followed by steady, slow-paced percussion that gives it a funky feel. The beat features a fantastic bassline, and the production is excellent.

The vocals in this song are distinctive and strong, and they mesh well with the musical instruments. When the chorus enters, the song’s beats change to a faster tempo, causing listeners to dance while taking in the lovely plot. The song’s relatability is impressive. Everybody wants money and a comfortable life, but sometimes the desire for money can become an obsession. Many people can identify with Spyderhuff’s account of how difficult it can be to overcome an addiction to money and material possessions.

The song “The More That I Get” combines a variety of styles and cuts a dark, blues-rock groove with a deep, funky Detroit groove. The next generation of Joey Gaydos Jr. from the film “The School of Rock” is among the Detroit rock and roll scene’s veterans who handcrafted the piece. The lyrics tell a tale of greed that is not exclusive to obnoxious, wealthy individuals. Anyone can be greedy, after all.

In the end, “The More That I Get” is a superb song that brilliantly displays Spyderhuff’s musical talent. Anyone who likes funk and rock music mixed together and is looking for motivation to overcome their addiction to wealth must listen to this song. Since Spyderhuff is such a gifted group, we can only anticipate more fantastic music from them.

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